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Homey 3.0 - What could it be?

I just released v0.6.0 of the Xiaomi / Aqara app… which indeed is a Zigbee based app… :smiley:
But there are also other apps released / updated that are Z-wave or Wifi based…

so is it now related to Zigbee / Z-wave / Wifi or does it not have anything to do with the protocol used :thinking:

Haha… “TedTolboom” dedicated app developer and ridler in one

Maybe the secret is revealed when we compare the before and after version of the app :wink:

Or read the developer documentation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: https://developer.athom.com/docs/apps/tutorial-Drivers-Energy.html

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You could also read the sdk changelog

Homey v3.0.0 introduces Homey Energy. Developers should update their apps accordingly to be visible under the Energy tab in the Homey app.

Device now has new methods Device.addCapability(), Device.removeCapability(), Device.setCapabilityOptions(), Device.setClass(), Device.getEnergy() and Device.setEnergy().


Perhaps everything will disappear except the timeline.
Everybody loves and needs the timeline and nothing else. So everything that should be seen in the App is the timeline and even more of the Timeline. Timeline. Timeline. :exploding_head::exploding_head:

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Its not useful if the core functionality is weak - Zigbee and Z-wave. Please put the effort there so I do not get more calls from my wife that the lights does not turn on.

Along the number of updates adding languages, and core functionality decreases, indicate that the focus is on low hanging fruits and not a determination to make the product reliable.


I never understood why companies in 2019 spend so much time on adding support for so much different languages. So much wasted time that could go to more functionality.

My guess is that we in the Scandinavian countries are much more used to English and therefor don’t care for menus etc. in our native languages as much as other European countries.
A lot of people in countries that still have dubbed tv, video games etc. in their language probably even can’t read English and those countries is an important market. So while I’m not a fan of Atom putting energy and time into translations when there is important updates needed, like the ZigBee rewrite and making the platform more stable and reliable, I can understand why they are doing it.

For 3.0 I have high hope and looking forward to see what 3.0 will bring us. :slight_smile:


That sounds like selfishness, don’t you think? If Homey is sold in a non-english country, they naturaly add the native language.

Don’t agree, that would mean they should add so many languages… just see how much demand there is for it and add languages if needed.

Yes, they should, that’s why it’s not cheap and it’s complicated to expand to another country. Why spending money and time and effort to expand in a country if only a few will be able to use the product…

Or your target customers is specific, but i don’t think it’s Homey’s case.

I better want them to fix the problems, like zigbee etc. In 3.0
then they can add more languages and features
Maybe selvfish, but english is fine with me even i am not english

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I agree it’s better to solve problems, but it will never be perfect. The trick is to balance between solving problems, adding new feature and selling the product :slight_smile:

Very soon we’ll announce what the update entails.

What’s the definition of very soon? :wink:

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Before Christmas (in any year).


I think January sometimes this century

Any reply on the timeline for this release would be appreciated… anything?


soon i guess…