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Homey and Philips hue motion sensor

Philips hue motion sensor in homey, when I set it up I need to have a room for it in Philips hue app… Then I need to have a light from Philips hue to create a room. So the motion sensor can not stand alone in a room without a Philips hue lights?

I wanted to test the sensor because my fibaro sensor are beginning to get slow. Any tip?

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I do only own two outdoor hue sensors.
They’re connected to a hue bridge and that bridge is connected to my Homey.
This works perfectly.
Btw, I ddin’t make rooms in the hue app.

If you do not have any lights, just a motion sensor, you could also consider linking it to Homey directly with the app for Hue without the bridge. Then you don’t need the Hue bridge.

Ok? I had to place it in a room to make it save /store settings…

Is that possible?

Yes, assuming you own a Homey 2016/2019/Pro and not Homey cloud. You can use this app and pair the motion sensor straight to Homey:

Nice thank you! Downloaded the ordernary Philips hue with bridge.

Hello again! I tried to use my old flow with active and inactive zones, doesn’t work for this sensor?

I do not use zone activity with this sensor, I only respond to triggers directly from the device. That would be a question to post in the topic for the app.