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Homey and Verisure

Is it possible to add a specific user in Verisure to trigger flows in Homey. E.g. put on the lights when the cleaner is coming (normally mid-day), othervise they are just fiddeling around with my light switches.
I know how to set-up flows when the house is armed and the status on the Yale Doorman smartlock but I want to steer the flows based on the users defined in Verisure.

Do any of you guys have 2 locations with Verisure?

My system is split into 2 controllers due to range between house and garage, and it always defaults to the garage. Through the HomeSeer integration that I used I would get both locations up, but it seems that in Homey it only picks the first location and then only the device I have there (Yale doorman).

Would be good to be able to add both locations, anyone had that issue?

Hi Tom,

I do not have Yale doorman. But I do have 2 Verisure alarm controllers to set the alarm on (fully or partially) or off. In the Verisure app of Adam Norén I only have one “Larm” object. It doesn’t matter if I turn the alarm on or off on which controller, the “Larm” object is notifying it.

But somehow I think this is not an answer to your question ;-).


Hi Johan,

You’re right, it’s not the same thing. I had the same issue in Verisure with HomeSeer, when I contacted the app creator/plugin creator, he changed the plugin to account for more than 1 “site” on each user, and then they came up as two different locations. Worked perfectly.

Regards, Tom

This is a great app, I have Homey pro, Everything is working as advertised [Adam Norén app]. But i’m missing 2 functions; When fire alarm triggers and when Intrusion Alarm is triggered. Has anyone found a way to get this info from the Verisure system?