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Homey antenna mod

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Good question, @elektroluuk

Echt ? :joy::joy::joy:

Here are some photos of my antenna mod.
Mount the external antenna for Zigbee, Z-wave, 433Mhz and Wi-Fi
It was very difficult to get up!
Thanks to all who have inspired me!
Bought the stuff here:


Finally I got the antennas from AliXpress and got straight to work. Z-wave, Zigbee and WiFi. Thank you all for sharing, helped me alot!

And for people not thinking they can do this, it was way easier than it looks.

Borrowed a soldering pen from work, and got going with the box cutter. Had trouble with parts of it but got it open in the end.

Got the drill out and started drilling with 6mm drillbit, made the holes pretty close to eachother to fit inbetween the two screw fasteners.

Zigbee and WiFi is just to pop on, while the next job was to solder the Z-wave. Never soldered before, saw a youtube video and got going. Pretty straight forward (and forgiving) so one can’t do too much wrong. I did it the easy what, peeled the protection back and just soldered the pin to the z-wave antenna point (works excellent).

Pretty impressed with my first mod, looks pretty good and works excellent. ID Lock 150 seems happier than ever.


Poor Homeys :thinking: why one might wanna surge in the antenna for zigbee or zwave if you can extend the range by having the router devices in your mesh? I use zigbe relays in my garden house which is like 15 meters from house and all sensors work like charm through the routers. Huh?

Poor ? The undertaker doesn’t sleep. This is what repeating looks like.

Aeotec Zwave Repeater mod with booster.

Ikea Tradfri Zigbee repeater mod with booster.

For more than one air-to-air connection without walls.
It works great ! Your garden shed would not survive this power :rofl::rofl:.

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Undertaker: how do you make this?

The same procedure at Ikea Tradfri. The housing of the Tradfri cannot be opened without being destroyed. But we are homeys and not beauticians. Boosters can be bought on the Internet. Please pay attention to the correct frequency of the boosters.


Habe soeben denn zigbee repeater aufgemacht ohne schaden und versuche zu verstehen wie ich meine antenne anschließe. Die antenne hat eine einzige ader ist das normal?

drüber schreibst du “cut” muss ich das so verstehen das ich das blech schneiden soll?

Gib mir mal einpaar infos für Anfänger damit ich mitmachen kann :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately, my English is not very good. I still try to explain.
The Ikea Repeater has only one antenna. You get a pigtail like this one.


The pigtail has a conductor and ground. The conductor is soldered to the antenna and ground to any point. If you want, you can now interrupt the original antenna. You can connect everything else to the pigtail. if you work with a booster please consider that this service is not allowed in many countries. It is important to use antennas or boosters with the correct frequency. Please do not use amplifiers with more than 1 watt power. You don’t want to supply your entire city.
Zigbee 2.4 GHz
Zwave 868.42 MHz.

This also works with the Hue Bridge:

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I have modded my Homey (1st gen) some time ago too.
With Wifi, 433MHz, Z-Wave and Zigbee antenna’s.
Looks and works great!
And it came out fully undamaged (when opening).

Now switched to a Homey Pro.


Looks very nice. What I did wrong was to place the antenna’s on the top sphere, should have connected the to the bottom one, like you. Nice! Will you be doing this to your pro as well? Because that’ll suffer the same issues.

Thx @Martijn_Hoogenbosch
Why was it wrong to connect them to the top sphere? Because of the extra weight?

I’ll be waiting to mod the Pro first. But definately considering it…

Yes, it is very unstable now and tbh it just looks better like you did it. The bending of the antenna’s just look better. I still have to glue the spheres back together, now they are put together with scotch tape…

So many things to do :wink:

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I might be imagining this but I had modded my gen 1 for zigbee which definitely made a different. My pro I didn’t at first and honestly; It looks like it has a lot more range.
Although I might be imagining it of course :slight_smile:

I’ll have to wait for new antennas from Ali anyway, so I’ll see how the Pro is holding up until then.
But still; the better antenna’s would improve anyway. Even is range is already better; it would be further enhanced by modding…

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