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Homey antenna mod

But Node 2 is not flaged as a batterie device?

Its a basic neocoolcam siren/doorbell on battery
All the sirens you see on my list are battery powered but not flagged as battery

It it also shows that the route fore node3 is unknown. Did you try „heal“ already fore node3?

Like I said, this isn’t possible with Zigbee: end devices (battery-powered) simply don’t route messages for other nodes. But all the routes are showing “last working” or “unknown”, so I think it’s an old representation of your network.

He’s talking about Z-wave… But then again, also there it is not possible.

This just happens because node 3 is Unknown and the route is not determinable. So it is not showing a real route. Sometimes unknown nodes even route via non-existing nodes.

It seems that battery powered sirens are not identified correctly. That may cause problems with network stability - devices not repsonding.

Ah whoops, my bad :frowning:

Ah, ok, then node 3 becomes unknown because node 2 is seen as a routing device but doesn’t forward and return the communication…
Yeah, that should cause trouble… What if you do a ptp and power off the sirens before connecting power again? Then you can see what the mesh does without fake routers in it.
Or maybe even try to remove and readd one of them to see if it is showing the correct information after that…

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So I checked all my 90 zwave devices and yes, 2 sirens (popp smoke detector/siren and vision) are not marked as battery devices (but none of the routes is using them). Same with remotec IR controller (battery powered). Rest is OK.

Hi Danone,

I’m in Sydney but I’m in Melbourne every couple of weeks. How do I get in touch with you about this mod.

Thanks Jason

It took me some time to actually notice the difference, but now i’m really happy with the mod. Some zigbee devices get routed through a router upstairs while being only a few mtr from the homey. This never happened and for me tells it is working. I don’t have any unresponsive z-wave devices anymore, all are okay now.
My problem probably was a badly soldered z-wave contact and not the right antenna’s on the correct outlets.

Next step; remove tape and nicely put the device back together. Thanks for all your help!


I’m a bit at the end of my motivation.

  1. I have had home boxes (jedom / eedomus) doing better Z-wave range without antenna in a closet than my homey with antenna in the open
  2. The zigbee is just a bad driver issue, i put a powered plug near a door contactor with bad range only in order to allow it to mesh, two days later the door contactor has still connection issues and will not use the nearby powered plug to mesh…
  3. 433 range even with antenna is just a joke, and will often not go further than 6 meters

Firs time ever i buy plugs to just extend range and it doesnt even help!!

And you already tried above advises? Soldered all wires correctly without grounding? Used the correct antenna on the correct socket? Removed the sirens and tried what happens then?
Or contacted Athom about this and sent them a log so they can investigate?
I see a lot of angry comments but no reactions on whatever advice you have been given…

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From what I know, Zigbee devices that have been added to a network figure out meshing all by themselves, it’s not something the coordinator (i.e. Homey) has an active role in.


Hi, for the record as it seems it is necessary

  • Antennas are in the correct socket, as they have different male/female setup its easy to keep appart
  • All wires are not grounded, and soldering checked with a multimeter
  • Sirens have been excluded, reset, and included again
  • I’ll contact Athom, didnt even think about that
  • Thanks, dident knwo the homey didnt coordiante the zigbee, My zigbee devices are aqara and Osram, i would expect them to be all not too bad

But did you run it for a day without them to see if the mesh settled correctly and the unknown devices got known again?

And of course it is necessary to mention that, how else can we know you did it? You can ask and/or fulminate, but without proper feedback it will not lead to understanding or willingness to aid in any solution.

Maybe interesting for some people… some theory and application using an ESP32/ESP8266.


What lengths did you end up using for the different pigtails?

No need to worry I think. Checked my Popps smoke detectors as well; not shown as battery powered but not used as repeaters as well.
For Z-Wave only the Fibaro CO2-detectors are marked as battery driven.

Need to add this to my post before:
My Z-Waves get routed via device 15, which is an unknown node (the blank line on the picture).
I know it’s an Aeotec Zwave plus repeater and the devices work.