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Homey antenna mod

Hi all,

I am thinking about the mod myself. But I have a question if it would be usefull for me.
The strength of my zigbee signal is not strong enough for the second and the third floor of my home for my aqara temperature meters. My homey pro stands in the livingroom. Does anyone have experience with it?
And what about the antenna. Some have bought the antenna from AliExpress and some from other shops. Which is the best one to buy?

Nobody can guarantee you it is going to work for you. Zigbee creates a mesh, so maybe try to add some routers first (IKEA has cheap ones or use light bulbs). If it still doesn’t work as you would like to, try and do the mod, but only if you think it is fun to do.

In regards to the antennas, there is a lot of info in those 441 posts. I’m using the aliexpress and they work for me. Others use others and are happy with those.

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If you dont try, you will never find out :wink:. Zigbee antenna mod is easy (when you dont take in consideration opening of Homey), you just unplug and plug new cable. But first, I would suggest to use Ikea zigbee plugs (9,90€/each) as Martijn mentioned, to create routers over the house and you will see.
Regarding the Antenna itself, you can buy different types and test them. Its matter of seconds to change the antenna after the mod is done.

Thanks, but then I will try the antenna. I have enough smart plugs and the mod seems easy.

Hi, this is a summary of my experience before and after the zwave antenna mod. I got all my info here (thanks all) And just wanted to share what I did, so that maybe other people take the chance and also do it.

English is not my main language

Before antenna mod:
I had my homey almost central in my home, and 4 Eurotronic Spirit Radiator Thermostats connected to it. All max 2-5 meters from the homey.
They where connected and 70% (probably less) of the time the command was send trough. I sometimes got errors like timeout or no acknowledge. I needed to pull the batteries out and let the thermostat restart. Then it worked again. I was really confused if it was the homey or the thermostats fault why the connection was not 100% proof. This was like for a full winter. And it was really getting annoying.

After antenna mod:
Its been a week now and all the 4 thermostats work perfectly, I haven’t had one error! It was clearly the small antenna of the homey. I even installed a door sensor now with zwave that is even further away then the thermostats and it works perfectly. I would advice people to do this also if you can do it, and you have connection problems.

How to:
I bought this antenna (europe): https://www.amazon.de/dp/B07CZMCJ8Z/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_tai_kcEwDb9V8FXE8

I have a homey early 2019

First i removed the top sphere. It was really good glued so i had to really cut into the sphere.
You need to cut above the LED strip

luckily the homey is not on display in my living room so it was ok that i damage it. Here you can see that i really had to cut it.

Then I de-soldered the connection in the yellow circle


Then i soldered the antenna to the board.
D -> the connection in the yellow circle
B -> the antenna of the homey that I just de-soldered

It’s been said here before that the B connection is not necessary. But make sure then that B is not touching anything else in the homey. I did it because then the antenna wire was kept more in place, because you will notice that the D wire is a really weak connection. And i wanted to keep the homey antenna in place so that when the external antenna would fail that I could just re-solder the homey antenna back.


The end result:

Thanks all!