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Homey antenna mod

especially when the pigtails shouldn’t be more than a couple of CM.

But tbh, i think we’re getting offtopic.


Just wanted to share my experience with antenna mod.

First of all, openining Homey was quite unexpected for me… accidentally I dropped Homey on the floow, two screws keeping top and bottom half of the dome got broken, and since I heard something rattling inside I decided to break other screws. The thing rattling inside was remaining of the screws, fortunatelly everything was working fine - and I had my Homey open.

Then the antennas…zigbee was easy, the connector on the motherboard makes it easy as a piece of case.

Then the z-wave. Well I’m far from being a soldering master, I really wanted something that will not require manipulating soldering iron inside Homey. And I found these little guys - https://sklep.avt.pl/krokodylek-nieizolowany-mikro-l-17mm-przylacze-lutowane.html (sorry, Polish only, but you can take a look at the photo with dimensions) - micro crocodile connector, small enough to attach to the original z-wave antenna. So the only soldering needed was between the crocodile connector and the antenna, far away from the Homey. Of course to use that you can’t completly remove the original antenna - you should leave at least some remainings to be able to attach these crocodiles to it. I personally decided to leave it at least for now.

The third part - the z-wave antenna itself. I experimented with two - the beautiful, dedicated antenna designed fot 868 Mhz, and a basic copper wire about 30-40 cm long. Well the copper wire is ugly as hell, but - at least in my setup - it gave better z-wave range then dedicated antenna. Probably because it just much longer.

So far I’m happy with modification, although I’m still experimenting :slight_smile:


Maybe you can share some photos?


These is how crocodile connectors are used to attach a dedicated 868Mhz antenna to the original Homey z-wave antenna

This is my experiment - antenna made of copper wire (I bought a standard electric cable and extracted the coper wire from it)

(the red and blue things on the wire are isolations - I didn’t want the antenna to touch anything inside Homey)

Added perk; now it can also act as lightning rod.

I would recommend this antenna mod to all users that are already having issues with range / not working devices LOL.

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Seeing your photo’s, the bare-wire antenna is probably working better because the dedicated antenna is connected to the original antenna with both the core and the sleeve of the coax wire, which will likely introduce phase cancellation. That’s why users that have replaced the original antenna with a dedicated antenna only connect the core wire of the coax, and not the sleeve (leave the PCB to act as the ground plane).

Also, antenna’s don’t work better because they are longer, they work better when they are closer to the wavelength (or a half, or a quarter) of the signal.

hi mate, thanks a lot for this information. but i have a home early 2019 model and i really cant manage to open the upper dome :frowning:
anyone has made a video of it how to open it?

thank you so much

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Dont let Santa crash because of these antenna mods! Might mess up his instruments :frowning:

As per one of my posts, I was lucky enough to have my Homey poorly fit together. A simply kitchen knife in between the top half and LED ring was enough to have it open.
Some people here dropped their Homey by mistake with the happy end of having it opened and not destroyed.
Others managed to open it with some significant damage to the dome.
Some others just smashed the top dome and later found some sort of replacement for it.

Sorry, a proper made Homey is not meant to be ever opened so I can only wish you best of luck with such operation.

Did my mod finally, opened the Homey by dropping it on the floor, this is how it looks now, still waiting for the new 3D-printed case in black. No more issues with connectivity, I need this mod otherwise my Homey is worthless for a decent house with garden…

The Big Antenna at the back is for Wifi, hoped it picked up 5Ghz, but keeps connecting to 2.4, anyone any suggestions how to push it to use 5Ghz other than renaming my SSID?

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No 5GHz unfortunately, only 2.4.
Just perform a search on the forum and you shall find several topics about it.

Hey guys, lets go back on topic.
@Steven_de_Boer, no offense
Thanks for sharing the naked Homey pics,
pls let us know how the network ranges improve and keep up posted for the modding.

I will remove the off topic posts to keep this thread interesting for everyone interested in modding…


Hi @Dijker, thanks for remove the off topic items. What I notice after the mod (before I had all sort of different issues) is that flows running on Zigbee devices are almost instant after the trigger. Z-wave devices are delayed noticeable after the trigger. The difference is sometimes >5 secs, even if the flow contains and Zigbee actions and Z-wave actions, does anybody else also has these delays? Z-wave is always slower (after) Zigbee…

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Sounds like your Z-wave network isn’t optimal. Can be due to interference or a bad mesh.
I experienced this twice. Once when i screwed on the wrong antenna to the Z-wave connector, the second time when Homey was suffering from the memory leak problem.
Commands were delayed (severely) or even missed. After connecting the correct antenna and a Homey replacing all was fine now. Same when the memory leak problem was solved.

Checked the antenna’s and the correct versions are connected properly. How did you resolve the memory leak?

Resolved since i went to firmware version 2.4.1…

Here is my finnish themed mod, it really improved the diffrent radios.

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Hi there,

anyone here experienced and willing to mod my homey – I am for sure willing to pay.

Interested in boosting antennas for Bluetooth, Z-Wave and Zigbee.

Cheers, Tom

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Hi Tom,

Just finished an antenna mod for a Homey pro which one of my customers needed. If you want I can do the mod for you too.
Please contact me to discuss the details.

Greetz Luuk