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Homey antenna mod

I am that customer. Domotica is my hobby. Lack of time, makes me hire Luuk for all kinds of Domotica jobs, of which modifying Homey Pro was one of them. Luuk is dependable, loyal, has eye for detail, is fair in pricing. Worth every penny. I can highly recommend him for modifying Homey for you, or any other Domotica or electrical job for that matter! Whether you miss the skills or the time to do it yourself, doesn’t matter. He is your dependable partner!


Oww got discount for a good review ???

Just kidding👍


Hahaha, no, forgot to negotiate that! :wink: Having said that: He doesn’t need good reviews, he’s good. I just wanted to share/expres my hapiness with Luuk after seeing him post here.


Where’s Luuk based?