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Homey antenna mod

Looks very nice. What I did wrong was to place the antenna’s on the top sphere, should have connected the to the bottom one, like you. Nice! Will you be doing this to your pro as well? Because that’ll suffer the same issues.

Thx @Martijn_Hoogenbosch
Why was it wrong to connect them to the top sphere? Because of the extra weight?

I’ll be waiting to mod the Pro first. But definately considering it…

Yes, it is very unstable now and tbh it just looks better like you did it. The bending of the antenna’s just look better. I still have to glue the spheres back together, now they are put together with scotch tape…

So many things to do :wink:

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I might be imagining this but I had modded my gen 1 for zigbee which definitely made a different. My pro I didn’t at first and honestly; It looks like it has a lot more range.
Although I might be imagining it of course :slight_smile:

I’ll have to wait for new antennas from Ali anyway, so I’ll see how the Pro is holding up until then.
But still; the better antenna’s would improve anyway. Even is range is already better; it would be further enhanced by modding…

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Morning Luuk,

Read you do antenna mods, I would like to have mine modded to improve reach.

Could you maybe help me out?

Regards, Rob

Completed this project as well for the BLE/WIFI and Zigbee antenna’s. I had to use a small saw to make an opening above the led ring in the back. It was glued too tight. Once the orb has been opened it is easy.

I opened it above the LED ring. No screw-breaking or other damage was needed.

Nice! And how’s the result?

I am getting better reception for BLE (that was my goal). Otherwise no failures or problems.

BLE for what purpose

Christmas lights of course! And mi flora :ok_hand::ok_hand:

Hello, I ordered 2 antennas, one for zigbee and one for 868 (z-wave), the ones from aliexpress which I found on this thread (thanks to all). I managed to open the Homey with a knife without breaking every thing. I replaced the zigbee antenna. It was the easy part but I must say that for the moment the range enhancement is not what I expected… I will go on with some tests.
As I do not want to take too much risks I wonder if for z-wave it is possible to solder the pigtail on the existing antenna without having to cut it… So that it is easy to revert if the upgrade is not good.
Well I must say that in ant case the homey z-wave range is not sufficient for me. I want to link some “thermostat” and they are not reachable : homey and device not on the same floor. I am pretty disappointed.


Adding antennas doesn’t mean you shouldn’t create a good mesh. If you cross multiple floors you should add routers.

I’ve cut the antenna pigtails because I wanted as less hops as possible, but yes when connected correctly it should work.

My biggest gain was for the zwave, didn’t have much problems with zigbee. What’s reallllly important is to connect the right antenna to the right connector, so mark the antennas , I had that wrong and was a bit disappointed with the range… but was my own fault :innocent:

Zwave is also easier. Get an Aeotec Zwave Repeater. It is easy to open and the antenna is immediately visible. With a little tinkering, you can get the mod here too. Please be careful, you are working on a component with 240 volts!

If the power is still not enough, you can switch on a booster in between. But pay attention to the legal regulations in your country.

It is also important to consider the transmitting power of the antenna. The more dbi, the flatter the radio cone becomes.


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Just de-solder the default antenna, don’t cut it. Then you can use the same hole to connect the cut pigtail and still revert if you want to.

Printed new Homey case



Are you Homey "addicted’ :wink: (because I see the Homey sticker on your laptop :wink: )

Indeed, it is very useful to work with such tracker to get the price and the best time to buy it. That is the reason I am happy to work with it on finding a couple of months ago. And now it is my main app.

Not a lot of response to your post…
This looks pretty neat! Do you have some more pics?

I can make some more but observation is following:

  • smaller case is causing quite overheating of Homey. Obviously the globe was dispensing heat better.
  • i switched to Hubitat recently, so Homey is down for a moment :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.