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Homey antenna mod

Right, I saw your post about the C7. You seem to be liking it a lot :slight_smile:

Yes, so far its very positive surprise comparing to Homey, Fibaro or Vera. Definitely value for money. Lets see how it works over the time (mainly stabiity).

Wow, so much bettet than the childish ball-design!

I hope Athom are taking notes :+1:

About childish remarks? Don’t think so… :innocent:
They can spend that time on a much better purposes.


HI, i also did the antenna mod for Zigbee and Zwave.
It is so succesfull that i want to also replace the 433Mhz antenna (for some old KaKu stuff).

If possible i want the same type of white antenna’s for Zwave and Zigbee i bought at ome Ali’s place.
He also sells the 433 SMA variant, but is there really no seller in europe who sells these kind of antenna’s ?



Hi @robertklep , thanks for your reply.

Unfortunatly that is not what i am searching for.
I am searching in europe /nl for the 433Mhz lookalike of the antenna in the picture i attached in my post.
You indicate exactly the problem: Enough 433Mhz antenna;s offcourse, but not the type i want in white.
My Homey now looks exactly the same as the first picture in this conversation from @Undertaker .
It would be nice if the third antenna (the 433 one) is looking exactly the same.
That’s my goal.


Perhaps this one? https://www.amazon.de/Othmro-433-MHz-Klappstabantenne-SMA-Stecker-weiß/dp/B08BK4CKSP

Yes, that’s the one.
Thanks; strange that i could not found this one on the dutch amazon site.
Delivery is 30 days max. Also a bit long, but quicker than ‘ome Ali’ :wink:

Thanks for helping,

Do you see any improvement with a 433Mhz antenna? The original antenna is quite long, but the range is catastrophic (compared to my RFXCOM I used before)

Now I have also put on a new antenna to extend the Z-wave range.

Without an extra antenna

With an antenna mounted on the case.

With an external antenna ouside the house.

The range is better, but the length of the cable on the external antenna counteracts an increase in power. The problem remains, however, that my Danalock V3 does not work reliably. It must have direct contact with the router. In my case, meshining takes place with two jumps.
I will leave my old Vera in the garage just to control the lock.

Now all that remains is to get my 433Mhz temp sensors to get in touch with the Homey.

hi @Orjan_Johansson ,

Yes, after the antennamod with 433Mhz all my 433Mhz devices are reacting better and never misses a instruction anymore. I have one (far away) Cresta outside temperature-device which was unable to reach Homey.
With the mod Homey is receiving without errors.

BTW: I bought this one. (also its 868Mh ‘brother’).

Greetings Peter

Interesting. I pulled out the coil that is the current 433Mhz antenna, but it did not help. Surprised that an external shorter antenna does the job better. Could it be because you ground it?

Nope, I did not ground it.
I just desolder the original copper coil/spiral antenna and soldered only the core of the pigtail instead.


The new bridge will be an Eldorado for antenna mods. Why ?

There are so-called IPEX sockets on the circuit board of the bridge. They seem to be available for every radio standard. When a plug is connected to this socket, it automatically disconnects the internal antenna and routes the signal to an external antenna socket. Much stronger antennas can then be connected to these sockets. The puck also seems to have enough space to install these antenna sockets in the pane. The whole thing can be done without soldering.

IPEX socket

Layout of the sockets on the circuit board.

I am looking forward to the first reports as to how the range is in the original state. Otherwise I’ll probably slaughter a bridge and try the whole thing.


Hmmm, I’m betting that even when others share their experience you won’t be able to resist slaughtering one yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::+1:




FYI, the uFL connectors are not soldered on production bridges. These are only placed for CE/FCC testing.

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It’s a shame, then I’ll probably have to use the soldering iron.

The pads are still there :slight_smile: