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Homey antenna mod


Each mobile phone has a higher performance (up to 2 watts). No impact on other frequencies detected. Do not overdo it, 1 watt is the tenfold power Homey has in the original.

Have fun with crafts


Sorry, automatically replied in Dutch due to the use of Dutch in a previous reaction in another (Dutch) topic… :blush: I adjusted the reaction… :+1:


Yeah i know that, but in the narrow space of Homey it is a bit close to each other. Ever walked by a digital receiver (especially one with with bad shielding) while calling? :slight_smile: We have blocks on the tele regularly when someone is calling close to it.


I have already equipped a German homee and Homey with boosters. The place was also tight. There were no disturbances and the range has doubled.
The booster can also be used externally as an active antenna. The radius of homee and Homey has increased considerably.


Could you show some photo’s on how you did it?


Great. At which frequencies you applied them in the Homey? My Wi-Fi is fine, but 433 and 868 are really bad.


For all frequencies from 5 to 3500 Mhz.
For Zwave 868 Mhz, Zigbee 2,4 Ghz, 433 Mhz and 868 Mhz.

You have to put the inner antennas of Homey to the outside.

Is at the top of this thread

described by @danone.

Booster in the antenna cable and supply with 5 volts voltage.


This with a newly designed case for the homey to fit everything nicely… The glory of 3D Printing :slight_smile:

Ohh I need more free time in my day :joy:


Perhaps keep repeating myself, but here is another update: could have not been more pleased with the z-wave performance since the antenna mod. Especially with the Fibaro multi sensors which for some reason are way more faster reporting motion than Aeotec multi sensors. Maybe a better product…

A screenshot for your info with only the top part of the z-wave mesh. What mesh?? No, I actually still have some devices that hope one node (again Aeotec) although they are located 1m from Homey.
FYI, in total I have 64 z-wave devices, of that about 25% are battery powered.
Have fun!!

P.S. my house is not very large, about 180sqm all on one level, about 20 meters the further distance from corner to corner and Homey is located more or less in the middle.


Gonna try and make the model in Tinkercad, does someone have the dimensions of the board? including dimensions between the center of fixtures?


I will open it again tomorrow after work and let you know. That’s if not someone else gives you this info meanwhile.


Wow, that would be great, please measure all PCB’s and speakerassembly (mainboard, powersupply) including drilling holes.


Also the height of the mainboard, please.


Wondering if there is no technical easing athome could provide?


I am also very interested in such housing :drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:


Guy’s I created a new thread about the case mod. you can find it here


Together with @robertklep I popped the hood of my development Homey yesterday evening and installed two white Zigbee / Z-wave antenna’s…

One of the antenna’s still has some paper tape on it to distinguish the different versions.

Zigbee (2.4 Ghz) antenna used:

Z-wave (868 Mhz) antenna used:


how much if you make it for me? XD


Special price for you: €399 :wink:


inclusive a new homey?