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Homey antenna mod


Let’s see in about a few weeks, maybe you grow a tail :wink:

nice work! still waiting on my antenna’s to arrive.


your coffee wont cool off XD


Good Morning


But how can you eat a well cooked Homey with two knives? Grab a fork…

Anyway, I guess you are looking into fitting an antenna.


The top half of my homey will be to eat cereal


I see you plan to use an LNA.
Let us know please how it works for you.


Yes! Any advice on where it is best to grab the 5V?


If you unscrew the four plastic screws and lift up the PCB (careful it could be a bit stuck in place) then you should see under the 5V supply.
Sorry, I’ve glued back my Homey and cannot recall exactly where. In a hindsight, I should have taken lots of photos while Homey was still open…


Tell me what pictures you want and I will take them for you


Under the PCB check the usb connector. You can send me the photos on a PM so you don’t clog this treat.
Only problem… it is midnight here in Melbourne and I must go to bed. Long drive tomorrow morning.

Also, I would get a voltmeter, in case you have to figure out which is positive and negative.


I will make sure I take plenty pics for you. Ah they glued even my PSU in… :joy:


That’s funny, your antennas for Zigbee and Wifi are the same, mine are different types

(It’s still on 1.5.13 so I can’t see a homeyModelName, but it’s one from the first batch delivered to Kickstarter Backers)



For now I am only using the Z-Wave antenna without my helper to increase signal strength. That will come next but for today it has to run like this or my lady will kill me for having the smart home inop😂

ZIGBEE will be done soon to but I don’t have the right cable for it


Well done @Xtasy! I’m still not sure, which antenna’s to order.


Hey! I’m interested in external antennas for both zigbee, zwave and 433mhz. Zigbee feels kinda straightforward with just switching the contact. But zwave and 433? People doesn’t solder on the shield for zwave, just the core of the cable, correct? Would the same apply to the 433? Just desolder the homey 433 antenna and add the core of the cable to my existing 433 Aurel antenna already on my attic (that today is connected to another smart home bridge that I wanna remove)? And if this is the case, would it be possible to just add the contacts to the outer case of the Homey and then run cable to the attic and put up a bigger 2,4ghz antenna for zigbee and a bigger 868mhz (Sweden) antenna for Zwave and have them all coexist up there?


I ordered this one


Yes desolder the antenna and that’s it.

I didn’t attach the ground of the antenna


In case you overlooked it:
They have all you need at very low cost.


Please do not connect Bosster to Zwave.
The transmission power is so strong that you have to put Homey in the garage. Nearby devices no longer have reception.
Better use an Aeotec repeater with external antenna.

Zigbee Booster works great. Insane range over 50 meters.

Please always take note of your safety when dealing with electricity. I do not want to undertake you!