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Homey as a thermostat for the whole house



Currently I live in an appartment with collective heating. I have a few thermostatic radiator valves and I can now simply use Homey to make heating schedules per room. I am going to move to a house with a central heating unit, which of course has a thermostat in the livingroom that controls the temperature there.

I was wondering if there is any way to have Homey take over that function. So that Homey sends messages to the central heating unit. Suppose the central heating unit works with OpenTherm, or whatever technology is available, what would be my options?

The idea is that Homey can tell the central heating unit to start warming and pumping when one of the rooms requires heat (so not only the livingroom). (it would be even better if it can even throttle it from a environment/cost savings point of view)


You can if you replace your thermostat : I use ecobee, but nest and honeywell are also options.


I then have ecobee sensors in each room of the house which allow for the heater to adjust based on which room I am currently in etc etc.

However - the ecobee app is much better then the Homey ecobee devices which while improving looses connection to the sensors a lot. As of right now only one of my five sensors is communicating with Homey correctly.


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

The Nest appears to require a special CV (with zone support) to be able to heat specific rooms on demand, so that’s probably not what I’m looking for. I’m not sure if that requires special piping in the house?

The Honeywell system seems to be a propriety system. So that the thermostat manages specific Honeywell valves.

The ecobee seems to be a contestant depending on what is meant by ‘control the HVAC mode’ in the app desciption.

What I’m looking for is that Homey can initiate the OpenTherm commands (be it native or via a thermostat). So when one room requires heat, that Homey opens the valve in that room and tells the boiler to start heating and pumping and if possible if two rooms require heat it heats a bit harder, etc.


you would need a opentherm translator. And some flows to control the whole heating. Would require some programming though. But it is certainly doable.
Edit: i do have the Honeywell Evohome and must say it works perfect. Evenso that i doubt you can outperform their decades of skill with some simple homey flows. If homey crashes or doesn’t function then ur either end up with a large heating bill or a cold house. It not the first time a homey driver got update and u have to repair the flows. On the other hand, the evohome responds fast, does what you want and has Google home integration. And is a separate system that won’t easily fail.