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Homey Backup and Restore - Homey Migration

Yes, they can complement each other. I migrated a week ago and it was a smooth process. I had to pair a few items again, re-connect Google assistant, but all in all I am impressed. Good job Athom! Now Athom: please move ASAP on to the ZigBee rewrite!!!

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Did you have to do some special things to get Google working again? Reconnecting Homey to the google account does seem to work, but Google doesn’t deem to find Homey anymore. I just get the response from Google: Homey doesn’t react, try again later…
Already tried:

  • Disconnect Homey from Google home account
  • Rebooted Google home devices
  • Rebooted Homey
  • Connected Google home again

Same result

Any idea?

Have you find the fix please ? I’m currently facing the same…
I found workaround - Anyway, after searching a little, it’s necessary to go to https://assistant.google.com/services/a/uid/000000540d2e807f?hl=ent and press RESET (left bottom). After another Homey to Google re-link, it’s working.obrazek

In my case it was resolved after another software update from Homey. After that, i only had to reboot all Google homes (and mini’s). I did not disconnect and reset my Google home’s.

I will upgrade to Homey pro from a normal Homey

I have Xiaomi Aqara, zigbee device (Aqara) Yeelights neo coolcam Tuya fibaro apps and flows ?

Will all of this devices work with a backup/restore ?

Any of you have experience with upgrade to homey pro ?

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