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Have exactly the same with my dlink 933 en 932… Did you nailed it @AndreasLie?

Hi there,

I did have succes with a cheap Neo Coolcam NIP-55 . Bought of from banggood for 15 euro a while back

@Jamie could it be that the camera function does not work. Seems to make a lot of nothing.
I have some Netatmo cams which are officially supported by athom but none of them do work. No pic, nothin :frowning:


It is both Welcome and Presence. I already reinstalled two of them. No change, no picture, no ability to make a flow …

Sorry @Friedi, i’m a little confused, why are you tagging me that the Cameras don’t work?

The only cameras I have any knowledge of is the Arlo Camera App.

Then sorry. Maybe I read wrong but the blog article says nothing about this.
It is described as follows.

Blockquote Camera devices can now be viewed from within the Homey app

And this I understand as this feature is for homey supported cams.

Hi guys,

I just solved my problem connecting Dahua camera. If anyone struggling adding Virtual IP Cam than in the camera menu you must set an authentication to OFF¨.


I use different Foscam cameras and use next URL
It works with four different cameras.

Do you have a url for me. And thx for the tip

so happy that it all looks so simpel again. so why the f… is it no working again over here.


of course i get loads of errors again. solved a few thanks to the help above but this is the latest one.
The port (80) is the wrong one. what am i doing wrong again?

greetz Frans

Wrong url. 2x user and password in an url is false. And port is not added in the url so it goes automagicaly to port 80.

is it me? i can’t read this link?


wow your fast :grinning::grinning:

Delete the first part of the user and pass. url starts with http://IP:port

i get all these options but wich one is correct :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


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Cam added :laughing::laughing::laughing: finally.
Thanks again Rocodamelsche. now i can go on.
indee it was simple. must be the age :see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

Then u must be very old! But glad it did work.

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Just want to give you the URL for Lutec or Steinel lamps with built in camera.


Take your own IP address.
You get a snapshot with this link.
Use it this way, without user/password or port even if you set a pw in the camera app.