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Homey cant install apps


I cannot install apps anymore coz it says that my homey is offline. But that is not true.
Insights works, all my apps are working, coming home functionality is working, i can use my homey app via 4g etc… but installing apps cannot contact homey. Not via the browser and not in app. Rebooting didn’t help neighter.

What can ben the cause?

Are U sure the apps aren’t installed? I often get the same message, but the apps will still get installed right away. I guess the cloud servers are sometimes having issues.

Same problem here. But afterwards the app has been installed despite homey saying it couldn’t install the app.

It is probably related to https://status.athom.com/ the connect service being under maintenance…

Aaaaahhhh… that explains a lot… however it is weird that they need more then 24 hours
Thank u!

It’s more like days, weeks now…