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Homey Case Mod


I just uploaded V1.1 to thingiverse, this one includes USB misplacement fix and better speaker mount (still basic, but better). I did NOT print is yet, so printing is on own risk.


Also uploaded v1.2 while at it, this one has rounded edges and a different lid. it also includes a homey logo. download it at thingiverse.


Did someone already print v2? If changes are needed/wanted please let me know. I’m still very pleased with the prototype V1. But need to fix the warping before printing v2


Printed V2, looks great if I may say so. Everything fits like a charm. Only some sanding/filling/sanding/painting to do.


Can you still see the LED light after painting?


I think so, because I’m planning to paint it white. however I don’t care that much because i’m not actively using the led ring. i’f I need it I just lift the lid.


The ring gives visible feedback to the user /red/orange (processing / blue (loading code) / purple (updating) …

I wonder if there is a way to incorporate ensuring this feedback into your design.


Yes, i’m planning some sort of led indicator port hole. It’s on the feature request list :slight_smile:
The whole idea began as a PRO version of the case. Which would probably placed in a non/semi visible place.

but i’m taking it one step at the time.


Looking good Leon_van_Efferen. I was actually considering creating my own Voltey; https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1945141. But then again, not quite sure how to sand yet. But it does look cool! Might as well try to remix that model to introduce PCB supports, and actually have a nice replacement model for the original orb-shape.