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Homey Cloud Backup - (part of Homey+ subscription)

I had my hopes for homey 4.0 at february first. To bad still nothing. Another month fingers crossed that nothing brakes down :confused:

Why should they release it the first of a new month?

Well second or the third would be fine also


Well… its reassuring to know that a 12m subscription comes with a 24 month warranty and ships same day!

Service is dramatically improving… :crazy_face:



Quote from Slack:

WeeJeWel 4:27 PM
Hello experimental users! We’ve just released Homey v4.0.0 to the Experimental channel. This update includes Homey Cloud Backups, and we’d very much appreciate it if you could test this!— Please upgrade Homey to v4.0.0-rc.5
— Android users should install the latest Android app (v4+)
— iOS users will receive an update shortly, we hope tomorrow
— You can purchase a Homey+ subscription in the app, or at https://homey.app/plus
— For more information, refer to https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/sections/360003361300-Homey-
— You can restore a backup from within Wi-Fi SetupThank you and let us know when something goes wrong!

It works…but i cant found the Restore Option.

App available for you?

Where did you find the backup? Maybe Athom has to do something first. I just bought it. Ring of death took some time. I hate it when he does this

Think you couldn’t see this. The Faq says this:

First, make sure Homey is in recovery mode. After connecting to Wi-Fi, you will be asked if you want to restore a backup, when there are backups available.

Android, only for cell phones. Tablet app is not available.

Android phone overhere. Have to be a little patient i guess…

At the moment as @Undertaker wrote: Android App-Version 4.x > More > Backup.

Taking some time I guess as I Don, t see anything under “more”

I read this but could not find the backup button. The description has been accepted. Patience I guess

Ahhh I get it. Forgot to update the android app itself

You have Android and when Android > App-Version 4x of Homey-App?

Stupid me, have updated the android app and made my first backup pfffff ff. I am save now :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Bought a subscription. Installed the android beta app. Created a backup. I can see it when I log in to my Athom account.

Seems to work!

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Created back-up overhere too. Now wait for the first to restore and see how it works…

What a relief. I did make my first Homey backup.
Question: are the Logica vars also backed-up?
( More-> Logica)