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Sorry m8, not using the backup myself.
And the backup does not restore apps btw. It just downloads newest version from the Athom Appstore. And that is the main reason am not using the backup. It’s not about the 10 euro’s per year, it’s about i want my apps/flows/devices backed up as they were.

Flows and devices are backupped, and if you restore, all flows and devices are restored. But they only start working again after you install the community app again.
Official store apps are auto reinstalled after restore.

Had to do this procedures now a few times, and did not found large problems.

The trick to know if a community app is updated is to run the community update check app, and the install manually


Good to know devices and flows are restored even when the app isn’t. Since HCS homey app v2.0.0 I now know what apps you have installed, so it is actually possible to restore those apps as well. This does require me to implement some stuff but V2.0.0 was the start for adding much more complex functionality including backups :wink: This of course does mean that it is a separate backup feature instead of using Athom’s backup. The good news is, I can restore the exact same app version unlike Athom.

However, let me first finish auto-update :wink:


Thank you for your answer, you did clearify my doubts!

Reading your comments and @Rocodamelshekima and @M_a_r_c_o makes me believe this is pretty much as reliable as Athom own apps/appstore.

This is much faster/simpler then do a cli install soo it is a excelent work you’ve done.

Congrats to you and all involved on this!
Being that, website/appstore and app developers.
Really appreciated!

This are great news!

Just as this is also! :blush:

2 Great new features!

Thank you once again for your explanation, and great work you’ve been doing! :ok_hand:


:arrow_up: I definitely understand you :sweat_smile:

(I gave a small donation to help with this project.
It isn’t much, I’ll contribute more once i can)


Homey Community App-Store now with auto update function!!


Never notice there was a community appstore app on homey🤔

But why 2 ?

And just out of curiosity did i ever have given permission to install the community app on homey?

Apps cant update themselves so I have created an updater app that updates the HCS app. It gets removed once installation is completed :wink:

And you have installed the HCS app yourself haha. As far as I know I can’t secretly install that app :joy:

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Haha, ofcourse i did… but just notice the app on homey :crazy_face:

Clear answer. :+1:

Edit: the second app …already is gone :grinning:

@MaxvandeLaar What I don’t understand is that HCS can update apps that were installed from the official homey app store (test).

In my case I had an app from homey test, so it had diagnostic report functionality. Now a newer version was released by the developer in the official homey app store (test) and in HCS. HCS decided to update automatically the official homey app store test version to a HCS version. So the diagnostic report functionality is lost.

Would it be possible that HCS only auto-update apps that were installed from HCS?

@rvdeijk So I believed apps should always update to the latest version whatever their source is, however, I indeed forgot about the test versions the official store provides. Furthermore, I can see how it might be strange that the HCS updates official apps… So I just changed the way this works and it will only update non official apps from now on.

Since there is no way to tell which app is installed by the HCS, apps installed via CLI for example, these will get auto updated as well.


How can I install can’t find it

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Hi @MaxvandeLaar,I try to install the Homey Community Store app for Windows, but it keeps running for hours saying “Please wait while the app is being installed…”. Did you hear of other people having this issue too?

@Frank_Smeets It’s not a windows program but a Link you can open within your browser, click on the next picture:

@JPe4619 I know the store itself has turned into a web-version. But when installin an App on my Homey I get the message “De Homey Community Store app op je Homey is niet gevonden. Hierdoor is het niet mogelijk om apps te installeren. Je kan de Homey Community Store app downloading in de navigatiebalk.”. That’s why I’m trying to install the desktop app, which is downloaded via the ‘navigatiebalk’.

The posts of today pointed me to something else:
I have the Community Store Checker:

That is on v0.0.8 according to the app info in my Homey. But the Store says it should be on v.0.0.9. Updating does not help; keeps it on v0.0.8.

When I searched above, I see @RoyWissenburg post with another updater that I cannot find in the Homey App Store or in the Community App Store…

Can’t find the info in the Community Store’s about and FAQ as well…

Confused now… :confused:

@MaxvandeLaar is needed here.

Dont ask me, where and when i downloaded the app. As you can read in my post i was supprised to see that is was installed on my homey :rofl: :rofl:

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Let me look/respond at this tomorrow