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That’s my app.

The Homey Community Store app by Max is the one that’s installed by the store. That’s required to install apps from the store. If you don’t have it then the store can’t install apps.

I have heard that a few users somehow got a test version of the app that doesn’t work. You should have version 2.2.1. If you have an earlier version then try to uninstall it and reinstall it from the store.
For Windows it is an installation program (.exe) but it is signed so should be accepted by Windows, etc. When you run it, it installs the Homey app via a CLI command line so Homey must be on the same network as the PC.

Ah now i know how that app, was installed on my homey :+1:


I have not yet heard of anyone being unable to install the app. It does take a while but a few hours does not seem likely. I just tried it myself (running macOS Big Sur) and it actually installed within 2 minutes. Did the installer found the correct Homey and did it not go offline during installation? Can you verify on your Homey that the app did NOT install. Maybe it failed to communicate back that it has succeeded.

Thx for checking @MaxvandeLaar. Unfortunately the installer didn’t install the app without letting me know. The installer did find my Homey (at least is shows the correct Homey name when the installation starts). Must be something with my Homey as I’ve tried it on 2 different laptops (both Windows10).
FYI: I’m running homey V4.2.0. I hope it’s not required to have V5 running on my Homey.

Hmm I just checked the Installer source code and if it fails to install the app it should throw an error. It looks like the Homey just hangs while it’s installing the app or whatever.

I am running v4.2.0 myself as I don’t want to trash my production Homey so v5 is definitely not required.

I have same issue.
I downloaded the installer, ran it in windows and it is loading for a long time and nothing happening, it is only dispaying: Please wait… it takes a while etc.

Even stopped, re downloaded and restried but this does not matter…

I also cannot get it to be installed.

@B3rt the issue with @Frank_Smeets was caused by Homey reporting it was offline in the CLI. A simple solution would be to run homey logout in your terminal. After that run the installer again (it will ask you to login) and it will most likely work.

If you need help, let me know.

How do give the logout commando?
I never setup any terminal to Homey before, so how do i log out then?

When i run the ‘installer’ on an other PC i get this after login in:
2021-01-12_ 143204

Ahh well if you haven’t setup the terminal at all, you could first try to reboot Homey. Might work just as well. If not, you will need to install NodeJS etc… all explained here Homey Developer If you need more help let me know in a PM.

rebooted Homey but still the same…

Started the installer, i don’t even get a popup for user / pass etc and the installer keeps displaying please wait while …

The software seem not to be not suitable for my setup…

I allready have nodejs installed, i installed homey cli and logged in.
But the app still does not work.

Hey there
Had to switch my Homey because it made funny noises
everything worked out right (after i startet the Backup about 10 times)
I tried to install this store now
if i start the Installer it finds my homey
then … Please wait … since about 10 Minutes … well it takes a little BUT relly or is there something going wrong ?!
Ideas ?!


Hi @Mikesch261,

I have seen 10min before. It mostly depends on how ‘fast’ Homey is. You can try the suggestion above by using the command line and check if you can logout your Homey in the CLI using homey logout. After that restart the installer. If that doesn’t work, contact me again.