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Wow, you’re quick, @Adrian_Rockall!
Have downgraded my already updated Tado app and installed the new version of your App Version Checker (nice new logo too, btw).

When I check for updates, the Tado test app comes up again.
But unfortunately the Homey App crashes again when I click “view”. (Sorry…. :frowning: )
Only in the Homey iOS version, Android Homey app does not crash.
Did a fresh install of the Homey App, but that doesn’t help… :frowning:

Hmm, OK, I’m on Android which explains why I’m not seeing the error.
I will investigate further.

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I have both and am happy to test. Just let me know if I can help you.

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I have published another version. It seems it’s the ‘°’ character that causes the problems in the URL so needs to be escaped but I seem to keep finding new places that it get inserted. It would appear Android can cope with the character.

Thx, @Adrian_Rockall!
It doesn’t make the iOS Homey app crash anymore now.

It recognizes there’s a test version (3.1.11), but when clicked “view” it point to the (normal) version 3.0.10. So the non-test version… :confused:

Searching feels quicker now too? Or is it just perception?

Doh, when fixing the uri I lost the /test/ off the end. new version in the store now.
I haven’t changed the search but maybe the bad url was causing another timeout somewhere.

Yes, works great again.
Thanks @Adrian_Rockall!

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Thanks for test and being patient.

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Some days ago I wanted to install the App Version Checker from Adrian. But the App wasn’t installed.
Today I installed the Homey Community Store Installer again. After that it wasn’t any problem to install the app from Adrian.
Do I understand it correct, that the Homey Community Store Installer can be deleted from the PC/Mac after it was installed once? I doesn’t mean the Homey Community Store App on Homey.
If so, I don’t know what’s going wrong.

Once the Homey Community Store app is installed on your Homey you no longer need to Installer. The app should auto-update itself for future releases.

It’s hard for me to determine if/what went wrong without having access to the devices of course.

Thanks for the feedback.
As I know how to work around the problem, it’s not a big problem for me.

It happened to me a while back so I tried to debug it, but, just by loading it via the CLI to get diagnostics information fixed it.
I wonder if just restarting the app when it is not working will solve the problem?

I don’t know if it’s a problem of the Homey Community Store app, or a problem of the App Version Checker. Maybe the problem is sitting in front of the Mac… :wink:

I didn’t restart the app, so I can’t say if that would have solved the problem.

The problem is the Community Store app as when it stops working it won’t update/install any app.

If the problem appears again, I will restart the app first.

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