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Homey disconnecting

My Homey device or app is disconnecting ones a day. So I have to restart the device every day. Can anybody help me with this.

Do you mean the Homey app on your phone says that Homey is offline? If that’s the situation: the app is most likely lying to you. You can try and toggle WiFi on your phone off and on to see if that helps.

This is quite a common problem. You can send an e-mail to support@athom.com to ask them if there are any plans to fix it.

I have similar issue from time 2 time. Homey disconnects from wifi and is unreachable. After 20-30 minutes it connects to wifi. Menawhile its disconnected, all automation works, except notifications and external integrations. And its not accesible over the app. I think it can be router related as well, Im finetuning wifi setting on router to find out what can be the issue.

Homey seems to be exceptionally sensitive to “bad” routers. Where pretty much every other device restores connections, Homey just stops working properly.

Its new quite expensive wifi6 router, so maybe this can be problem.

Given that plenty of others also have (had) similar issues, and they’re not all using quite expensive wifi6 routers, my guess that the problem is Homey :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Homey likes to have a 2.4ghz connection (not shared, so a separate channel)
maybe that helps??

Have the same problem
Twice the last 14 days i wake up to this

There is also the issue with the power adapter. Have you replaced it to check if that is the problem?

I have regularly when I start the app that there isn’t a connection, but within a few seconds there is. It’s weird how you accepted that as normal.

I will try to use 2.4 ghz connection and see how it goes :slight_smile: