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Homey end of Speech and Google Home integration

@Frank_van_de_Schuur any positive news from your direct contact Athom? :crossed_fingers:

No, nothing after the initial positive respons.

Well maybe that’s not true. I did receive an evaluation survey on how I would judge the support I had received :thinking:

I’ve opened a support case with Athom as well. lets see if that brings something

I think I got the same (type of) email.
We’re looking into it, we have noted the proposed feature, no commitment on if it will be developed. etc.
My old skool setup, using tell homey, has already broke. Maybe because I’m on the beta testing thingy…
However, all we can do is keep our fingers crossed and/or make virtual devices/buttons

Or do what I did.
Disconnect the smart speaker(s) for all users except the main user who has created routines and synced the favorite flows to google assistant

that didn’t seem to do the trick for me. Maybe because my main account for the household (google) is not the same as the account that is owner of Homey.

That might be it indeed.