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Homey firmware v3.0.0 (exp)

They never talked about it after v2.1 came out, just that it will come in time (especially not promises, they never make promises anymore), they have never talked about it being in v3.0.0
They are still working on it, and it wil come when it is done, or do we rather have corrupt backup possibilities.
But don’t expect it to be done soon, i think we will see the zigbee rewrite before.

that is a mis understanding of An app that has improved presence detection from before that update, not the Homey app itself

please check your power supply (and try a different one with at least 2A of 5V output).

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Is there only an app V3. 0 for Apple? Nothing on android yet?

did you enable being a beta tester for the Athom app?

Through TestFlight on iOS, Android nada.

No, just have experimental in homey

I have done a bit of testing. See this post Presence cards in WHEN section

Just update to beta tester. Let’s see

@AVP just use the life360 app -den virker perfekt…

Android avaible for me (Beta-Tester) since Yesterday round about 19:00 o’clock.

Date & time flow card is also fubar in 3.0. App problem, not firmware.

Are V2 apps compatible with the V3 firmware?

Yes 100% it will work, nothing changed in the api that can break anything, unlike v2

Do we know for sure that Homey tells us when battery drops below 25% for battery powered devices? That I can de install the Battery Monitor app…

I think the energy tab is a nice add-on (although I think Zigbee rewrite and backup and restore is more important too.
A few things about Energy:

  • for devices that don’t measure power consumption you can enter a value for standby and power on modes of this device. Just check the specs and Homey Wil count these accordingly in the totals. Check the gear in the right upper corner of the device.
  • Looks like all devices are shown. I.e. the virtual buttons for Heimdall surveillance mode and activate alarm are shown too.
  • furthermore, battery powered devices like remote controls, smoke detectors, etc are shown too. Would be nice do hide them from the overview. Strange that the Aqara sensors (which are devices) too, are Not shown in the overview. Perhaps developers can code something into their apps so these devices don’t show up here.
    What I do like is that I see my thermostat too. It is powered by the heating itself, so it is very accurate that it shows up, because it has power consumption too!

So far, I like Energy! Could be finetuned, but still…!

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Didn’t try exp firmware, waiting for stable. Power does sounds OK, thumbs up. But in comparison with b/r and zigbee, my opinion, it’s not even 1/10 the significance of those two…

Yes I’m very sure :wink: (it says “the battery of *** almost empty”)

That is why it is made experimental first, to see the peoples reactions for tips/find bugs, so please contact Athom with your ideas and/or bugs (they most likely won’t read/respond here).

Yeah, sure would like to send feedback this to Athom.
Dies anyone know how to?
I know how to send feature requests or app requests, but how to feedback on beta firmware / app?

Easiest is the support ticket, or support@athom.com

Is that really the way the would like yo receive feedback on beta firmware and apps? You’d say there are better ways to channel this…

Btw; have uninstalled the separate battery monitor app. Thx!

Better then this forum yes, you’ll get no response here vs A response :wink:
You can try slack, but they also don’t read there everything and gets buried pretty quickly.

How does one become a beta tester for the app?