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Homey Flow for Web - three Column view [CSS customization]

This also work with the beta/dev of the new Microsoft Edge that are built on Chromium.
Thanks for sharing the methode and CSS @Dijker.

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Ow? How? Please elaborate on how you got that to work , I would like that too :open_mouth:

Did you read the first topic in this thread?

Of course… I was reffering to the CSS hack in Edge Beta version :roll_eyes:

I don’t use Edge a lot let alone the Beta of it, but since it’s based on Chromium it might just support the same plugins as Chrome and other Chromium based browsers do…

In the beta version of Edge you can download extensions from Chrome web store so you can download and install Stylebot and then just copy & paste the code from the first post.

Thanks, didn’t know that. Thanks :+1: