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Is it also possible to sync the on/off state of devices besides the activity state? I want to use that to control for example the light scenes or sunscreens through Homey by using the Harmony remote. The idea I have is to create a virtual device which can be turned on and off to trigger a flow in Homey. Now only the on/off state-card in Homey changes by using the activities.


@Fire69 No I dont think you did anything wrong and for some reason the activity device wasn’t responding, can you run the app in debug mode and see if you can find a clue on why this was happening?

@Hannes85, @Raymond Unfortunately the harmony hub only reports changes on activities and not on separate devices so there is no way for the app to pick up on those changes :frowning:


Would it be possible to create a ‘dummy’ device in an activity, so it is available to control Homey?

But I think I have answered my own question: the hub only reports changes on activities…

Example: add a extra device in my activity ‘Watch TV’. When I launch this activity, the extra device is available in my Harmony remote. Let’s say that pressing the ‘Arrow Up’ button uses this spare device and sends a trigger to Homey to switch a light on…?


I ran the app in CLI, when I say ‘zet tv uit’ to Homey (through chat, not voice) I see this:
ON/OFF triggered on Watch TV
Found hub with id 6c661195–xxxxxx-1ef6dc587428 and name Harmony Hub Fire69
Activity change notification received
Found hub with id 6c661195-xxxxxx-1ef6dc587428 and name Harmony Hub Fire69
Activity change notification received
Activity change notification received
Found hub with id 6c661195-xxxxxx-1ef6dc587428 and name Harmony Hub Fire69
Found hub with id 6c661195-xxxxxxxxxx-1ef6dc587428 and name Harmony Hub Fire69

I don’t have 8 devices active, so I don’t know why it shows PowerOff 8 times…
Homey replied again with 'OK. Eén apparaat reageerde niet.’


@Fire69 will investigate it this evening!


Thank you for this great App and Support! Works perfect with 2.0 donated


thanks @azid for your generous donation!


Working on finalizing my work on the upcoming version v1.5.x which will include:

  • New option to add activities as a device.
  • If an activity is recognized as a television activity it will use the Homey built-in TV class and e.g. let Homey respond to: Ok Homey, turn on tv
  • Capabilities for on/off, channel up/down, volume up/down/mute are now mapped on devices and activities that has support for them.
  • If your hub for some reason goes offline all attached devices and activities will be set to unavailable until it is back online.
  • When you add a device or activity on the Logitech harmony app those changes will get synced, so an app restart is no longer needed when changes occur on the hub.
  • Added allot of new icons to use on devices, almost every device type has its own icon now. If you already have a device paired and want to use the new icon you unfortunately have to delete and re-add it.
  • An app settings options that makes it possible to send me a diagnostic report if you are experiencing a hard to trace bug in this app (only use this when i ask for it :wink: )

Currently I am rewriting the user documentation when that is done I will submit this version to the beta channel (probably this weekend).


I just wanted to say AWESOMELY FANTASTIC!!!

I bought a Harmony Hub a few months before the 1.4.x updates and it didn’t do much in my flows. Didn’t have a lot of spare time to look into it but when the 1.4 updates started coming my TV turned on every time when I came home (I had that programmed in a homecoming flow). So thanks a million for making me love my Harmony Hub! :heart_eyes: and thanks another million for all your hard work :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:


Documentation updated, decided to change the version number to v2.0.0. Submitted to the beta channel its now up to Athom for the review procedure. Next big feature I will be working on is retrieving the favorite channels from the Logitech Harmony Hub, which will make it possible to have a command like: switch channel to BBC 1.


Wow, awesome! :smiley:


This is good stuff!


Installed the v2.0 beta. All seems to work smoothly!


I installed the V2.0 beta via CLI.
When i tap the config-icon in the upper right corner of a activity which is added as a device i get a white screen and the Homey app (not the Harmony app) crashes.

Homey Firmware 2.0


I can reproduce this now, thanks @Tomm I will investigate this and hopefully provide a solution soon.


I see what change caused it, switching the default device class from “other” to “remote” because that seemed a better fit for my app. Will contact Athom if this is a known issue with the remote class.


For now I advice everyone to not install the beta branch with CLI because this will leave you with devices that can’t be removed, will commit a rollback to the other class soon and keep you updated!