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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.2)


Ok, that’s a bit too much for me… :wink:

Any idea of when it will be approved?


It usually takes a few days, but I can imagine Athom is very busy at the moment as they just released their new firmware to the public so it might take longer than normal.

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Looking forward to it!


Tested it and it seems to work as it should.
Thanks for the quick fix.

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Athom approved 2.0.1 for beta. It should become available to everyone in a couple of minutes. If there are no serious issues in the following days I will upgrade it to stable this weekend.


I installed version 2.0.1 true cli and it works perfect. Unfortunatly i needed to delete the app, but no white screen anymore. Thank you very much


Hi Jeroen,

I installed the beta via CLI (v2.0.1) and have added my Hub and also added my 7 activities as devices. Cool!

All 7 activities could be selected to import in Homey. They were all imported nicely. However, in FLOWS I can only find 3 devices, the other 4 are missing (like TV kijken and PowerOff).

Am I missing something?

I first deleted an old CLI install and stared afresh.
I sent a log via the settings page :slight_smile:


@Eternity That’s weird if you restart the app are those 7 activities still in? Are they available in flows after that restart? If you, in the Homey mobile app, could go to Meer -> Apps -> Homey Harmony Hub -> Configureer app and click on the Verstuur diagnostisch rapport I will get an email of what devices are currently paired which could help me spot what went wrong here.


I restarted the App.

This is the devices page:

After the screenshot, this happened:

And within a second or 5 everything is active again.

This is available in the flow editor:

So. missing a couple of devices!

I added both the HUB and the DEVICES. Should I only add devices?


@Eternity are you on firmware 1.5.x? If so can you open up app.json and remove this line (its there 3x): “deprecated”: true,
and after that CLI install again.


Yes, still on fw 1.5.3

Will do what you suggested tomorrow and post an update!

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Wouw this is great! Future request: is it possible to ad trigger cards for when the channel and volume buttons are used? For example: channel up is triggered, then activate channel up horizon tv settopbox app. I use this app because the settopbox is in an other room.


That would only be possible if they are used on the Homey app itself. Implementing this would cause confusion to users expecting it to work for Harmony remote button presses also.

I wish the Hub was reporting on buttons pressed but unfortunately only on activity changes.


Ok clear!


Did that. Also restarted the App. The result is the same; missing 4 activities, one being PowerOff.
I will do a PTP tomorrow and see if that helps.

I can manage without these activities as devices… so please don’t put (too much) of your tome and energy in this!


When i ask google to turn off tv slaapkamer, tv woonkamer also turns off


Probably because they both implement the TV class. Could you check that on: https://developer.athom.com/tools/devices


To solve this I think I should implement my own trigger like: start activity [tv slaapkamer]/[tv slaapkamer] and stop activity [tv slaapkamer]/[tv slaapkamer]


Will try to reproduce it on my side, being on firmware 2.0 already could make that a bit harder. Especially the PowerOff which should be the same on every Harmony Hub is surprising me because I can use it in a flow without a problem. Hope I can find the root cause of this.


Cool! Works fine! Can change volume and channels! (Helped a little bit with that idea :sunglasses:)

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I have allready. In combination with virtual device it worked fine. Replaced TV woonkamer virtual device that triggered the Harmony activity for new activety trigger. But i think you are right that it is a homey thing…