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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.2)


This seems to be possible?

I can make a flow for example IF … AND watch movie is on THEN …


Perhaps only on v2.x then?


Possibly. Can’t go back to test that :yum:


@Phuturist you might be right on that, unfortunately, at the moment I don’t have a second Homey to keep both versions supported :frowning:

How is the capability support on devices for this app on firmware 1.5.x?

The TV class is only used for harmony hub devices that are marked as a virtual television, this to prevent all activities firing when you ask homey to turn on/off the TV.


I understand. I’m still far from convinced that upgrading to 2.x will do me any good though.

The support for capabilities of the activity devices seems to be limited to only my “watch TV” activity while “watch Netflix” which is pretty much the same activity but is added but without any capabilities. Adding the device as stand alone still seems to work nice under 1.5.x. But as mentioned I was hoping to check in flows if a certain activity is running with the on/off capability (I’m using BL variables now to keep track). On 1.5.x or my Harmony Hub this only seems to work for my “watch TV” activity. How do you determine if a activity should use the tv device class?


The activity on the harmony hub has a type if that type equals VirtualTelevisionN the TV class gets added.

Now that I am looking at my app.json I see that for activities I no longer added the mobile cards (those are no longer used for v2), to give you onoff support on v1.5.x it might be as simple as adding those again, will do so in the upcoming version.


I’ve got this problem now. The harmony iPhone app seems to be working correctly but the homey app doesn’t seem to make a connection… tried to restart the app but that didn’t work out.

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@Joep_Vullings I am nearing completion of an updated version of the app that would probably solve this issue.

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restart your harmony


Did that several times.


I’ve got a question about the app. I was missing an activity. In the hope to add that, I removed the complete app and reinstalled it. But now, every time I’m trying to add a device or activity, it will find the harmony hub, but after that I get a timeout. I’ve restarted the homey, hub and my router but no luck. Can anybody help me with this? Thanks in advance!!

Ps. Thanks for making this great app!

Update; I think I found more information. It is a recent firmware upgrade in the logitech harmony:

  1. Info on Github: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/21191

  2. Info from logitech community: https://community.logitech.com/s/question/0D55A00008OsX3CSAV/update-to-accessing-harmony-hubs-local-api-via-xmpp

  3. Info how to downgrade:


@Ranney and @All

It looks like the latest firmware upgrade for the Logitech Harmony Hub in combination with this app is causing issues. Will investigate this and hopefully provide a solution soon, will keep you all posted.


Thanks for your replay!

Enabling the XMPP option in the new firmware will not fix the problem. For now, I’ve made some changes in the activities and after that I downgraded the firmware. (Making changes will automatically update the firmware…) Everything is now working again. For now I’ve blocked internet access for the hub. Hopefully a better solution in the near future!


@Ranney Running into the same problem after finding the harmony hub during setup for devices i get a network timeout.


Found the issue related to v4.15.250 of the Harmony Hub firmware. Good news is that it seems fixable but it will take me some time (around 2 days) to provide a fix. Will keep you updated on this.


Is it caused by another change they made in the firmware? Regarding the API-access?


Yes, they deprecated an api call that this app was using. Have to refactor some parts to get around that and the app should work again.


Hi, any progress on the fix?


Thank you for taking care of this. TV is a big part of my automation here up in Norway :slight_smile:


In the Homey app I see all these red exclamation marks too, but luckily all my flows that rely on the hub work fine.

I only use ‘when activity x is started’, to blah blah blah. That still works for me.