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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.2)

Haha I know. But with that I was hope to make clear they would be on the same router. (No repeaters)

and again, the harmony has a fixed ip ?

How should I check or apply that?

Thats something you have to do in your router. Static ip but not sure how they called it in your router.

Maybe a search on the forum or just google would give your the answer

Hi! This might be a general flow question as I am new with the Homey. Hoping for some help :smile:

As I understand the Homey Harmony Hub app can register that I push an activity on the Harmony Remote through the Harmony hub. I tried setting “When Activity starting” card and "Activity is matched to Watch movie"then “Turn off lights and make roller blinds go down”.
When I try to test it comes up with the activity tag and wants me to write the name of the activity. I thought that the Homey got the activity name through the Harmony hub and Homey Harmony hub app. I have probably misunderstood something here :slight_smile:

Thanks for any help!

Did you install the activities?

Dont use the tag, just type the exact name of the activity in your flow.

The test option replace the trigger.

Thanks for the replies. Yes, I have installed activities. I changed the “tag” to text matching the activity. Now the blinds go down and the lights go off, but this happens every time I start an activity, not only the “Watch Movie”-activity. All other cards are the same as prompted above.

Thanks for the help

Good point, just test it and indeed its starts with all the activities.

So tried something else and a quick test its looks like its working.

Delete the whole Harmony card in the “and” colum. and replace it with a Logic card “is exactly” select your Tag “activty” and ype bellow that tag the exact name of the activty.

Save and test it. Works for me with a fast test.

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Works like a charm! Thank you! :smile:

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And if then WHEN card says if activity has stopped is it possible to set the logic card as TV Kijken. So my purpose is to activate the THEN card when i switch off the TV, but not when I switch off the humidifier.

I have two Harmony Hubs and I could not really get the PowerOff (Default activity in the Hub) to work as I wanted so today I did some “investigation” and found that PowerOff from one Hub is added for both Hubs.

I have a Hub in my living room and one in my game room. If I turn on the AppleTV activity in my living room, I can see that AppleTV tile goes on in the Homey app but the PowerOff stays on.
If I then turn on the PS4 activity in my gaming room, the PowerOff in both the gaming room and living room goes off.
Pressing the Off button on the remote in living room turns off the AppleTV activity but does not set the PowerOff in Homey. If I press PowerOff in living room in Homey the PS4 activity in my game room turns off and both PowerOff tiles in Homey turns on.

I have tried removing the PowerOff and re-add them in Homey but still the same scenario.
Very strange. @jreenen Any thoughts?

My Harmony stops working today. It’s saying my harmony hub is offline. It’s actually not and I can use my remote.
What I did is restarting the app, restarting Homey; didn’t. I removed the Harmony app. When I try to add the hub again, it cannot find it.
What else can I do? @jreenen?

Hmm, noticed the same thing right now. Turned on my AppleTV in the living room with the remote but my Homey did not change to AppleTV on or triggered my flows as usual. :frowning:

@ktd Did you find a solution to get it working again? I still can not find my harmony hub.

It seems like the different activities is triggered correctly in Homey today but my issue that there is only one PowerOff for both my hubs is still there.

Hmmm found it. :smiley: My Harmony Hub and Homey were, since I got Homey on different wifi-networks. That shouldn’t work but somehow it did for for a few months.
I’ve temporally changed my wifi channel, they got disconnected. When I moved the Harmony to the same wifi network as Homey, they started seeing each other.

Does anybody know if this app is “dead”?

If so, maybe Athom can make a Harmony app since Harmony is a device a lot of smart home owners have.

Working perfect over here, so its not dead

I meant development. The bug i described a few posts up would be really good if it could be fixed since I want to trigger different flows for each hub. Now for example (if I have the living room flows enable, which I can’t) my lights will go on in the living room if I turn off the Harmony Hub in my game room. That’s because it seems like all hubs share on hubs PowerOff activity.