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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.2)


I wanted to use the activity started (Watch TV) in a flow to activate a kaku switch. This kaku switch is controlling the power to my TV.
I have added a delay in the harmony activity so the flow has enough time to switch on the Kaku TV switch.
But unfortunately the flow is triggered after the harmony activity is completed (so thats after the delay as well).
I can us Activity started or Activity is been started. Doesn’t matter. The Kaku switch is switched on after the activity is started.
Am i expecting something that isn’t working or is this a bug.




Can you please make a screenshot from your flow.



Of course.
Here you go.



Hi, first sorry for my bad english, i want to help you. I tried everything what you wrote, but i cant not add a delay in the harmoy activity. I can add only a delay in the action colume but not in the trigger and, and colume. Can you please show me where you add a delay?



I asume, he means with “added a delay in the harmony activity” He is meaning with the activity in Harmony remote it self.


That’s what i meant indeed.
In the harmony desktop app

But can also be done in the android app.



Sory for my bad english. Ok now i understand you with a delay. Try this, make two flows, first take a flow card, when this flow is started then start activity (harmony card) and make here a delay. The second flow, when activity start, take the first flow and your kaku switch in the then colume. I hope i can explain it.


@Jan_Hilhorst i think your flow is correct, you only have to figure out ……

1* how much time Homey needs to switch on your kaku switch.
2* how much time after the kaku switch is on, your TV has to start up.

This time you need to add as delay in the harmony app itself. You also could just start with for example a delay of 1 min to see if it works, and then by steps of seconds to lower the delay.


No that’s just my point. The Homey flow is triggered after the Harmony activity is finished. I have tried it with a couple of minutes of delay. The homey flow is triggered AFTER the Harmony activity. So after the minutes of delay.

So the homey card that says “Activity is started” is not correct. It starts when the harmony activity is finished. The same goes for “Activity is been started” .


good explonation in your last post :+1: ive got know what you mean.

The activity started you can understand in 2 ways. the one you refering to. But and thats what i think its means. Its started when your tv is on. (so the whole 5 lines, in your harmony tv activity sequense)


I let the app write the commands in simple log as check. Yesterday 20:00 the beta app stopped working after 9 days.
What can I do to get this app running stable?


The beta also stopped working here.
I have uninstalled it and installed the stable v1.3.1, but my Harmony Hub could not be found anymore :frowning: .
It is still found via the ios harmony app, but not this one. Any idea why? Or when I can fill in the ip (it static so this should be best for me I suppose) ?


@Jan_Hilhorst I will debug this behavior and hope to come up with a fix soon!
@Toon_Vos @bookmarc In the upcoming update, I will add a way to get more debug information to pinpoint this kind of behavior.


Jeroen van Reenen

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I look forward to it and I would be happy to share the results.
Restarting the app every so many days is annoying of course.

The app is usefull.
It kills the lights with a delay at night. So after I shut down the TV the lights will go off a couple of minutes later (after you leave the living room)
A different one is starting the chromecast Radio in a Harmony scene starting the receiver on the chromecast-function.


Hi @jreenen

I’m trying to set up a flow where an action happens when I turn on an Activity (or a device turns on)

I’ve tried both

  1. When Device Xbox turns on -> take action
  2. When activity starts, and Activity tag contains Xbox, take action

But neither seem to be working. I removed and re-added my harmony hub / devices just to be sure, but i don’t seem to be getting anything

Am I using this incorrectly somehow?

Edit. Just to add, just tried launching a test to start an activity and it just sits there spinning. The Harmony hub did take the action tho, so I wonder if it’s not getting a response to confirm, and that’s why it’s not taking the action when activity starts? All guesswork on my side…


What I did was let log note the exact text of the activity and use this in the logic



Could you provide a little more info on how you did that please?


Edit: Nevermind - worked it out and installed Simple Log - tested, found a card and it now seems to be working :slight_smile:


Hi I just got my Homey it’s on homey_version 1.5.12
When I installed Harmony Hub app my devices show up, but when I try power them on, nothing happens.

Also can this be used to control my Harmony Hub via Siri voice commands (using Homepod)?


And how looks the flows your using. Best to share a screenshot or we have to guess


Ok I haven’t set any up. I can only see devices.

I thought I could get Homey to sync/launch the activities already setup and I can add additional actions.
So that if someone uses the physical Harmony remote the current activity will still be controllable, I thought as the hub will know what activity is active.