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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.2)


I am planning on rewriting the app to use websockets communication instead of the disabled XMPP. Will start on this process early next week and keep you updated on the progress.

For now I decided to request homey to remove the app from the store but we will be back!


Rockstar, thanks :slight_smile:


@jreenen Oh that would be great, hopefully this API will stay open and is not closed anytime soon…


Thanks a lot for the time you are putting in to this! :+1:

Is using websockets an official way to connect to the hub?


Maybe this helps some other people also.

As temporary measure I use IFTTT between the flows now.
I make an applet on IFTTT that listens for a Homey Flow and then starts a Harmony Activity.


How are the response times for this?


Unfortunately it isn’t I tried several time to get access to the offically supported api from logitech but they don’t respond to any of my requests. I think they only allow the big companies on that API.


Few seconds. But my Homey is very slow and unstable the last couple of weeks.

Sometimes my Google Home doens’t respond to a command.
When I look in IFTTT the applet shows it was called.
But somehow the request from IFTTT to the Homey never arrived (or the Homey didn’t respond):

Google Home --:heavy_check_mark:–> IFTTT --:x:–> Homey

(Still at 1.5.13)


I just tested the new IFTT- flow I created. It took 10 seconds to turn off my activity. :roll_eyes:


So happy to hear this. Thank you for your hard work!


It has been confirmed that the updated HASS integration of the harmony hub works (for now), so that’s also good news for the Harmony Homey app.


removed update from hub and blocked: sus.dhg.myharmony.com in router. Seems working for now


Unfortunately I’m not able to downgrade my hub software although it is a Harmony Ultimate de downgrade tool keeps saying " your harmony remote model is not supported by this utility" :frowning:

Any ideas on that problem?

@jreenen all hope on the rewrite :slight_smile:


@denniedegroot already started in rebuilding and is making great progress, a big shout out for that! Hopefully, I can publish a new app with web socket support early next week. For now, the old app has been removed from the homey store.


Had some trouble myself with that. When i Cchoose the Harmony elite it did the trick

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New Firmware update apparently restores local connection.

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Yeah, but you have to manually install it by connecting your hub to your pc…


Does anybody know when Harmony hub is available in the store?


@Michael_Bollen I am currently running some final testing over the rewritten app. Today the app will be committed to source control and the Homey Store. After the Homey store submission, it usually takes some days until the app will be available in the store, although I will try to speed this up a bit and hopefully an Athom employee will approve it soon.

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A new version supporting Websockets has just been submitted for approval to the Athom store.