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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.2)


homey installed this automaticly, but apps keep crashing…
SO after update 1.40. it does not work anymore, app constantly crashes.

How can i revert to old version?


App 1.40 crashed.


Sure it’s 1.4? It’s not in the store. The entire app was removed.
1.3.1 crashes at startup because it’s can’t connect to the hub anymore.


@jreenen 1.40 app crashed, please add 1.3 0. to the store.


I have 1.41 running, seems to be working


Strange that a deleted app can cause updates when being re-introduced even before that version is approved by Athom.


i guess you found yourself a bug then, you are probably the first one that updates an app that is not shown/deleted in the appstore


@jreenen it updated automatically to 1.40 and now nothing works. I disabled your app :disappointed_relieved:


@Tolga it should update to 1.4.1 shortly on that version this issue is solved.


@jreenen, it works big big thanks.


@Undertaker @B3rt is 1.4.1 working for you to?


Here 1.4.0 is crashing at startup too. 1.4.1 is not coming in. Do I need to CLI it?


@Eternity it might take some time until auto-update picks up. CLI would be faster.


Which one is the 1.4.1?


@Eternity websockets


1.4.1 works great, didnt even had to re add device Or flows.
Nice job mate :+1:


Makes sense :wink:

Installed 1.4.1 and it loads without crashing.
Will try it after diner.


Works fine!
Great job!!


1.4.1 Crashes! After restart Homey it works. Great Job!!!


Updated to 1.4.1 working great again. Good job @jreenen :+1::+1:


Works great. Thank you!