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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.2)


Yep, 1.4.1 is :+1: :blush:


Had to restart the this morning. Anyone else? No crash but lost connection


1.4.1 works for me. Thanks Jeroen (and Dennie)


1.4.1 Works for me!
In a flow you can add a “stuur een opdracht” card.
When I pick “opdracht” nothing loads.
Under App settings I see:

(under v2.0)

Is it possible to have extra controls under the Device Card?
Like lights have extra RGB color tabs, you can maybe add an extra tab with volume and page up/down.


@Bassie Do you have this same error on every paired device?
Good ideas, it will be a challenge tough as not every harmony hub device uses the same controls for volume/page up/down and power cycling, if I can find a way to solve this I will also implement the homey TV class on applicable devices.


I rebooted my Homey and don’t have that “stuur een opdracht”-error anymore, so sorry, you can ignore that.

Yeah, you are right didn’t think of that. I also have, for example, my robot vacuum connected to the Harmony Hub.
Which has completly different commands.

Come to think of it… Maybe for that kind of scenarios just use the normal Harmony Hub App.
That would be a hell of a job for you (single programmer) to keep up with all different devices etc of the Harmony app


had to restart the homey, after that 1.4.1 works for me!


Just updated to 1.4.2


Thanks for your hard work! Works like a charm again!


Did you change the branches on github?
If I remember correctly I downloaded the websockets-branch yesterday, but it’s gone now.
Stable seems to be at 1.4.2 also, will you be putting this version in the store? Just to know if I have to CLI-install it or wait a little and install it normally :smiley:


@Fire69 yes its now in the master branch


Just installed v1.4.3 via CLI



Homey harmony hub is available in the apps store again.
But I can’t install the app.
I get the error message [invalid_checksum][object Object]


Yep, I had the same. So I installed via CLI.
I guess with some patience it will be made available soon.

What has changed from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3?


@Marc_van_Zutphen Yes I have seen it I am trying to get in touch with Athom to see how we can solve this.

@Eternity Added settings where you can download a debug file that should help @denniedegroot and myself to resolve bugs. It basically exports some information of your hub and all paired devices.


Aha. Thanks @jreenen


Thanks, I have installed this version already with the CLI.


Had a nice break-through I finally found a way to support Homey’s build-in TV class. When implemented the app should respond to “Ok homey turn on TV” and more reserved TV related built-in voice commands. I will start developing this and release it on V1.5.0.


Sounds nice, but I now have a flow that when I say ‘TV kijken’ is starts the Harmony activity which also includes my av-receiver and horizon box. Will this new way then only turns on the TV via the Harmony or start the activity?


Good point