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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.2)


@Julian It will start an activity you will be allowed to pair that is of type “VirtualTelevisionN” which your “TV kijjken” activity is. It also controls channel up/down volume up/down/mute like you have configured on your hub.

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and thats even a better answer :+1:


@jreenen Ok, clear. Tell you the truth I do not use the speech command that much but was curious how it would work.


@Julian me neither but it bothered me that I couldn’t find a way to properly implement the TV class without weird side effects. And I do think an app that also controls your TV should have that class implemented.


@jreenen ‘NIet omdat het moet maar omdat het kan’ :joy: (Sorry for the Dutch language…). But many thanks for working on it, very happy with the fact you guys got working again so quickly, big thumbs up :+1:

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Not just because I can :wink: people were actually complaining that Homey responded with: “I can’t find a TV” (or something like that) when they asked to turn on the TV. And it has allot of advantages to on the mobile cards.


The app (v1.4.3) should be available in the Athom shop again, in an install-able state :wink:


Who wants an alpha invite to test the TV class implementation for this app? PM me your email and I will invite you an provide you with some instructions.


Great suggestion by @Caseda why not allow pairing all activities and map classes and capabilities based on activity type. On the alpha version I only allow pairing of activities that has type VirtualTelevisionN to support the TV class. But off course every activity has an onoff capability, I will investigate if I can create a mapping for even more.


Feature is almost ready and released to alpha channel for some testing, if you want an invite PM me your email or CLI install the alpha branch on github https://github.com/jreenen/com.jreenen.homeyharmonyhub/tree/alpha


Installed :slight_smile:

Now what should I do? :stuck_out_tongue:
Do I need to configure something extra?


You can now add all your hub activities as a device. Every activity that is of type VirtualTelevisionN (usually Watch TV or TV kijken in dutch) will have the homey tv class added during pairing.

Also I added a capability mapping to both the activities and devices (for devices you need to remove and re-add though) which should add the following capabilties to applicable activities/devices:

  • onoff
  • volume_up
  • volume_down
  • volume_mute
  • channel_up
  • channel_down

The tv class also makes it possible to use voice trigger words e.g. Ok homey, turn on tv.

All used capabilities on an activity will be controlling the device that is in your activity setup on your harmony hub so if you e.g. have volume controlled by your receiver and channel up and down on a settopbox those devices will be used.


So to fully test, I remove all my Harmony-devices and start from zero.
When adding, I first add the Activity driver and after that I do the Device driver?


@Fire69 To fully test everything indeed you should remove all Harmony devices. There is no mandatory order in which devices and/or activities should be added as they have no relationship on homey’s side.


Seems to be working very good.
Device control is working, changing volume on receiver is working.
Can’t test the activities right now, the wife is watching TV :smile:


So its not Homey controlling your home but your wife :wink:


Yep :smirk:

Quickly tested changing the channel during a commercial break, working OK too :slight_smile:

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Just tried turning off my activity, but didn’t go quite as expected.

I use my Google Mini to talk to Homey so I asked "Vraag Homey om te tv uit te zetten’.
My TV turned off but my STB and receiver didn’t (I could still hear the audio) and Google replied ’ Homey: OK. Eén apparaat reageerde niet.’
And then, after about 1 minute, the activity was completely turned off.

Did I not do it correctly? :slight_smile:


Does this also work the other way around now :)? When pausing a movie through my harmony remote Homey acknowledges the command and one can attach a flow to it (turn on kitchen lights for example).

Cheers for your hard work!