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Homey Harmony Hub (v2.0.3)

If I do so, the flow gets greyed out

What firmware version is your harmony hub on? And wich version of the homey harmony app

@Marcel_Ubels Only the ‘play/start’ button is greyed out, the flow is active (the text on the flow is white, if it is inactive this is also grey). The play-button of a flow is only active when you are able to start it manually, but because in this case it is depending on a certain tag to be valid this is not possible. This is basic Homey stuff, I assume it is explained better somewhere else also.

So your flow should work now.

See for instance these two flows, the top one is active but cannot be started manually, the second one is not active but can -should it be active- started manually.

Ok very clear. I will test if it work.

And tested and it works perfect now. Thx guys for your advices👍

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So never tested your own flow. Sorry but :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

Glad its working :+1:

Right​:see_no_evil:i had so many flows tested before, but… Not this one​:see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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Hi Jeroen, any updates regarding this?

Does anyone have experience with this app and the Homey direct Google integration? I have my Harmony linked to Google directly at the moment. If I also link Homey directly , do I see my devices double?


I connected Homey to Google, but my Harmony wad not connect/supported, as the languages was not supported (Dutch).

So Harmony is not imported from Homey?
I have my Google Home in English with a direct link to Harmony.

It will be integrated in Google home from Homey

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The answer to the question you asked, is yes. You will see double

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yeah i noticed , i renamed the devices from Homey.

the error occurs that the device are not seen by homey. “connection with the hub” error. restarting the app does not work only restarting the Homey will fix this. somebody has the same issue?

I would like to use the orange buttons with light symbols on my Harmony Companion to trigger Homey Flows controlling my lights. Is that possible? And how can I do it?

Hi Jeroen, Still got the same issue. Harmony app is working properly but homey’s harmony app is not connected, stating ‘hub is offline’, while it isn’t.
Any ideas what could help?

Maybe already mentiond some where. Your hub is on the same wifi network? And also got a fixed ip in your router

It is. Cause otherwise it wouldn’t work. They are standing next to each other…

thats why asking, because its not working as you said :grinning:

that the harmony and homey stand next to each other, has nothing to do with it