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However this appears to be a bug and normally those are flagged through github, not the forums.

I have posted the same thing on Github at about the same time. Unfortunately no answer there either.

The developer of this app only has a very limited time to work on this, last time he had time he only had it in the vacation periode, and only for a few weeks.

He’s just a normal human being with a normal job, so keep in mind he only does this in his free time.

That’s perfectly understandable. Also, that is what’s make Homey a bit vulnerable.

Maybe a few developers in here could get together and help each other out with their respective apps.
I know life often gets “in the way” and having support from others might ease things up for the developers.

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I bought Homey because of IR support. IR isn’t working well for me (and I’m not the only one), so had to buy a Harmony Hub too. Would be great if Athom would maintain this app.
And respect for what jreenen is doing for us!

This seems to be solved using new routers with stronger WiFi network!

Maybe another solution setup every device that is related to Domotica on a separate qeust wifi network.
Here I have a Asus router never have such problems.
Connected homey toon Harmony and so on.
Also for security reasons allowed only the Mac addresses of the mentioned devices.

Forgot to mention a quest network is not affected by meshing that is why I choose this.

Wanted to add another very good solution when your harmony switches between several mesh points like I had.
And this is a much easier one Asus the supplier of my router has a solution built in.
It does not include it when meshing giving me a much more stable wireless connection.(this applies also on Chromecast units and other devices)

And what about Sonos? Sonos has to be on a wifinetwork and your phone has to be on the same network to control Sonos. Does that mean homey needs also to be on that same network?

I really hope Athom will take over or do their own app soon. Today I tried to power off everything in my “cave” but gave up after three tries. Walked upstairs and my wife and parents-in-law was wondering why the Tv shut down three times when the tried to watch the news…

I’m certain @jreenen could solve the bug in 5 minutes but it seems like he is unavailable at the time and seems to have been back and forth for the last couple of years.
It is great that Homey supports 3:rd party apps, but if those isn’t maintained, it will be the opposites.

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Come to think of a workaround today and after some config it works. It works fine but it’s still a workaround so I really hope that @jreenen will come back to us and have a look at the issue.

The workaround involves virtual switches, some new flows and IFTTT for Alexa control…

  1. Removed the two PowerOff activities from the two rooms where I have my Harmony Hubs.
    They keept messing up the avtivity starts and stopped in the flows and are not nessessary since they are the once cauing the problem.

  2. Created a virtual switch for each Harmony Hub called “Harmony [room name] on”.

  3. Created a flow for turning the virtual switch on when an activity is started for each room.
    Put a Logic value with the Hub name in to prevent the other Hub to activate the virtual switch in this room and vice versa.

  4. Created a flow for turning the virtual switch off when an activity is ended.

With the “virtual switch turn off” I can trigger other flows that I wanted to use the Homey Harmony App but cant because of the bug. Ex. turn on the ceiling light for 2 minutes so that I have time to gather my stuff and leave my “cave”. :slight_smile:

Also, since I mostly control my Harmonys with Alexa I created an IFTTT trigger in a flow that trigger the Harmony in that room to activate the PowerOff activity for that Hub. IFTTT don’t have the bug that run the PowerOff on both or none of the Hubs, when one PowerOff is suppose to run. Works very well.

The other Hub is in my living room and have similar setup with the names of that room and activities.
Sorry for the long and a little messy post. Please, let me know if you have better more simple solutions or any other feedback.

Good night!

@jreenen Hope you are doing find and are still supporting/developing the app. Since the last few minor updates of the Homey firmware, the Harmony app loses connection to the Hub. I tried removing and reinstalling it. After a few tries it found the hub and I could add the activities and devices, but the they automatically lose connection again. Everything is on the same WIFI network. Any idea why this is happening?

After a very busy period, I finally have some time to fix bugs on this app. Starting next week I will try to solve most of them. Give me some time to catch up on all the comments I have missed, if you haven’t registered a bug you want to see solved yet please do so here


Keep up the good work @jreenen​:ok_hand::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Nice to here from you @jreenen. Let me know if you need more info.


Yeah, nice to see you back.

Found an issue that caused random crashes of the app, will publish a new version with several bug fixes during this weekend.


For the v2.1.0 version I am working on an action card to switch to a channel marked as favorite.


V2.0.3 is awaiting approval from Athom. This version will contain

  • Fix for random app crashes
  • Fix for the poweroff activity on multiple hubs
  • Better detection when a hub becomes unavailable
  • Some minor stability improvements

Nice! I will test the power off function when I get time and report back.

Thank you for the update.

Thank you in advance, @jreenen