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Homey.ink, an e-ink Homey dashboard

after a dashboard on the wall now also a portable dashboard in the hand. I also find it easy to have a dashboard in the living room so I made a portable raspberry pi where I run the homey ink in kiosk mode


Yes I know that, but the outside temperature is shown already.
Would it be possible to show there the value of one of my sensors?

I havent had the chance to have a play with HomeyInk myself yet. But I dont see why not :

If you check out the apps code https://github.com/athombv/homey.ink/blob/master/app/js/homey.ink.app.js

And based upon the webAPI - which is what the groups App (which groups sensor data) is using :


Especially considering you know the ID of the device you want should be easy :

    id: id

As I mentioned I haven’t played with this myself yet - but have fun @Captaingreenfield - also remember you will want to place a capability listener to track changes in the sensor :slight_smile:

Also great little project for someone new to coding :slight_smile:

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Awsome, thanks!
I will look in to it, looks like a nice project :slight_smile:
“I’ve never done it, so I think I can.” - pippi longstocking

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I cant get e-ink to run local, but that doesnt matter realy much.

I use this link and the dashboards pops up.


The only thing I want is a colord dashboard. Is that only possible when you run it local?

You have 2 ? marks in your url
thats why


should be

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Thnx that solved it!


If I understood it correctly its just to get the token and put:
http://localhost:5000/?theme=web&token=eyJ…3D” into my web browser on my local PC?

Doesnt seem to work. Have I jumped over several steps or…?


I think you are in the wrong topic. Better try this one

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Hi is it possible to make a theme for the Kobo Mini?

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I’m at a loss… Got homey.ink running on my kobo, but the list is empty :roll_eyes:


Did i miss a step?

Difficult to say if you don’t tell us which steps you already took…
But a wild guess is that there is something wrong with your token.

Is nodejs needed or just simple webserver, as the code looks like html and javascript? :wink:

Regards Martin

Hi, Is this dashboard working on BETA Homey firmware ?


There are no bètas of the firmware, just experimental releases or stable releases.
At this moment only the stable releases is available although you could have joined the experimental channel.
Homey.ink works on both from version 2.0 and higher.

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Does it work on the more recent Kobo eink reader? Have anyone tried the more recent models? The 2 listed models are quite old and no longer manufactured.

I just tested it with Kobo Clara HD. Looks good but I guess will need to fork the css due to a small strip of white space.

I’m wondering the practicality of this setup because Kobo goes to sleep and doesn’t show the screen anymore. When I set it to not sleep, the wifi would drain the device in a day.

Hi! I am missing the visual notification feature!
We should be able to send a visual notification to the dashboard, to display it, in big, during few seconds.

From any flow in Homey, we should notify the tablet to display useful informations.

Any chance to get it ? Thanks!

Can someone help me to understand how safe this homey dashboard is.
It seems that once you have established the link by logging into homey.ink, you can simply access all your devices via the homey dashboard by simply opening the link to the dashboard. How can I restrict access to this dashboard, or how can I remove the link between homey.ink and my homey?

By changing password (but I think that also logging out and logging in into Homey app), new link needs to be generated.