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Is it possible to show insight-graphs somehow? E.g. battery-level on a Tesla
Or is it only for running favorite flows and devices?

It can show all values a tile holds, not as a graph though.
The actual values can be shown, like battery % and such. It is updated realtime, no page refresh needed

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This is a local served dash though.
With the online dashboards, longpressing a tile shows the values it holds, in a cycle (next longpress shows next value). But, while casting it to Google nest hub, this isn’t possible, I heard/read, but I don’t own one. Then maybe a local served dash is an option.
If you like, you can try my flavour of homeydash. It comes with a how-to install and run it on Homey itself.

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Adjusted, I was misinformed appearantly.
I added:
’ I heard/read, but I don’t own one.’

Well, the information is not correct. It is indeed possible with a Nest Hub.

And is it correct the hub starts a screensaver every 10 mins, and a new cast command has to be sent from Homey?
Do the tiles still show the longpress value then?
T.i.a. Roco

This is correct.

But i wonder if “ur” version does?

I never said it is “my” version, I wrote:

But “my” flavour should, it should, Glenn D. is playing with it b/c he has a hub and I don’t.
The longpress function is not needed, I just un-hid the tile values so they’re always visible.

But it only lasts for 9 mins. Very useful.

We are going off-topic here me guess.
But if u think it’s ur flavor of Homeydash.com i wonder why u give credits to other sites that copied Homeydash.com. And , after complaining about it at the specific site, the site made the credits go to the correct persons.
“This project is forked from Homey.ink / Homeydash.com / Homeycornelisse”
“and those (daneedk, Rocodamelshe, Homeycornelisse) who expanded and customized it to what it is now.”
If u think u should add the original MD from That site then u don’t know where the credits should go to.
And no, it’s not me. Am just the guy who fix things. @DaneedeKruyff is the guy who should get credits for Homeydash.com !

Hi guys, I’m not getting it fullscreen. I can’t seem to get rid of the address-bar and options bar on both my Kobo’s. Granted, the first one is an older (unsupported) model, but the one in the screenshot is most definitely an Aura H2O.

I followed the foolproof 3-step setup instruction and even checked for the FullScreenBrowser-line in the .conf file. There isn’t much to mess up here. Any thoughts?


I also did not manage it to get it fullscreen…
I have tried al lot of things, but at the end I gave up.
Now I am using an old iPad mini (in case) witje the same black white view which I would have on the e reader… that works fine :slightly_smiling_face:!