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Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

Been using the online version and loved it. Now I have a synology and still new to the whole installing it via cmd line… I know how to use webstation and creating a html for it but any one knows how to get this on my Synology?

Just download the files from the gh source and put them in ur web folder of ur Synology. Then go to the appropriate address in ur Synology and ur good to go.

Hi, Is this dashboard working on BETA Homey firmware ?


Any help how to add this node serve app into raspberry startup ?

Ok so to make raspberry pi starting the node server app on boot I done the folowing:

  1. created a “homey.sh shell” script at /home/pi folder with following content:

cd /home/pi/homey.ink
serve -p 5000 app &

  1. Then I edited the “/etc/rc.local” with sudo nano /etc/rc.local adding this line:

sh /home/pi/homey.sh

between fi and exit 0

  1. reboot and all works fine.


I am very happy with homey.ink. Its is working fine on my google hub. Below you can see a screenshot of what i have now created with all the tips in this topic, elsewhere and my own. Thank you all for contribution!!

I do have some questions though;
I am running it localy on a Raspbery Pi which i also use for P1 monitor. Works great!
But how can i upgrade it to a new version without losing everything i added myself?

Also, i see in this topic a lot of more features, like sunset/-rise, settings, notifications etc.
I would love to have those features too. How can i add them?
As far as i figure it out, only the live time which was noted here as a good explained script and therefor it worked in 1 try. But none of the others i understand how to get them to work.

Can someone explain how it all works a little more in detail? :smiley:

U should check out Homeydash.com !

thank you for your response. but in that topic i cannot find any awnser to my quesions nor in this topic.
can you point me strait to it?

Well, like settings and notifications are standard at Homeydash.com so there u have 1 answer. When running it local and adjusting to ur own needs then u miss new features ofc when Homeydash got updated.

thanks voor response.
So, nobody has those features when running localy but they still can all modify there own views?
i dont understand that… the screenshots show otherwise.
So, there must be a posablity to add them yourself. and that is the question, how?

and the question was; how to update without losing. According to your awnser, it is not possible to update when running localy, nobody can?

sorry for being stupid, i just dont understand.

All is possible. Just download the github version and apply the changes.

i did

Then u have all new features now.

nope, and that is the reason i asked my questions. I guess you don’t wanne help me. maybe somebody else?

Now that’s not nice!

Can u give me a link to the github files u downloaded to get the new features from Homeydash.com?

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I am sorry for not being nice… but those were not helpful comments.
and thanks for trying again.

i did this, like the way this topic starts.

npm i -g serve
git clone https://github.com/athombv/homey.ink.git
cd homey.ink
serve -p 5001 app

And that’s why i told u in my first comment that u should take a look at Homeydash.com . <—Link, click.
There is all u need. Also a link to the correct GH files from @DaneedeKruyff is in the 2nd post of this topic we are now.

Looks to me u are still confusing Homey.ink with Homeydash.com

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And that’s why i looked in the whole topic and i did not find awnsers to any of my questions… except that i do know now it is not possible to update it to the newest version.
Maybe i mixing up those two words. You saw the screenshot and know now what i have installed. I guess it is homeydash :slight_smile:

No, it is not, thats the homey.ink version.

Hi Edgar.
You should be able to go to https://github.com/daneedk/homeydash.com, make a fork from there, make your modification, and use that as your new local source. Then, when the files are changed @DaneedeKruyff, then you can see what has been changed compared to your version.
If you compare your version to the newest version it will be to much for you to change. I would suggest you start over with a Fork of the newest version, make the same changes you have done before and than it’s easier for you to keep up when new releases are created.

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