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Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

Been there, done that,

Day: https://github.com/daneedk/homey.ink/blob/master/app/img/weather/sunny.svg

Night: https://github.com/daneedk/homey.ink/blob/master/app/img/weather/sunnyn.svg

Just haven’t yet implemented the code to display the night variant, but the images and variables are available.


How do I modify css?
Cant modify anything else but the index.html.
I run it from my personal server hosted on:

Trying to modify css in: homey.ink-master/app/css/homey.ink.css

Nothing happens :confused:

Try the https://github.com/athombv/homey.ink/blob/master/app/css/themes/web.css

When specifying the Web theme…
Or duplicate it and submit your awesomeweb.css Theme to the Developer :wink:

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Added battery indicator that shows when a device has reported a low battery (alarm_battery capability)

Added info panel to show detailed information


Also for weather information


The icon will now show either a sun or a moon depending the time of day. (When there is no cloud cover…)

Code is available here https://github.com/daneedk/homey.ink



I’m thinking about adding power consumption data in tiles of various devices. That would be a great addition.

I can confirm that all the devices info of Homey can been shown. Not only “on/off”. You have to render each device correctly to display the values on the dashboard. :smiley:

Pics with thumbs up and code, or it didn’t happen. :wink:

It is just a proof of concept. My code is not generic, working for my situation only.

But hey, it is possible to show all the data.


@Dijker could you try my code on your Kobo reader (and perhaps post some screenshots)? I’ve changed all theme files but can only view them in a browser so I wonder how my version looks on the actual device. I’d like to know if the placement of the icons and info panel is properly aligned.


Hi DaneedeKruyff,

this is what your work looks on my Kobo H2o:

Don’t know why the Kobo won’t show up my devices, opening this on my Mac all Themes show the devices although the icons for Battery, Sunrise/set and weather won’t show up.

Kobo-Theme on Mac:

Web-Theme on Mac:

Hope this helps you a bit.


Hello Hullie,

what did you do to show your devices among themselves?


Thanks, looks like the script crashes on your Kobo, I’ll look into it.

I took the DaneedeKruyff’s code as a starting point.

In the function renderHomey() , “homey.devices.getDevices().then( function (devices)…” disable or comment the line:

"if(!device.ui.quickAction) return false;"

This line will stop adding devices without quickAction property (on/off).

In the renderDevices(devices) function you have to add logic for device without quickaction:

The ‘else’ of the “if (device.ui.quickAction) {. … }”

"$device.classList.toggle('on', true );" so the device looks enabled.

E.g. for a thermometer:

if device.driverId === "thermometer") {
            var $value = document.createElement('div');
            $value.innerHTML = device.capabilitiesObj.measure_temperature.value + device.capabilitiesObj.measure_temperature.units;
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@DaneedeKruyff I took your code and I saw the paths the images were not correct on safari (MacOS).
This worked for me:
url(img/battery.png) (instead of url(…/img/battery.png) )

Great project, working on Kobo H2O version 2. Battery life will be interesting since the Kobo has to keep the WiFi connection alive. Any expectations on that?

Same as @Seraphim here, although on my Windows/Chrome The color and also the B&W ?theme=kobo-aura-hd& looks good!

I guess it is what Emile already told in his Blog DIY

I found that the browser on the device was a very old one though (there were Internet Explorer 6 flashbacks),

Think we need a switch to choose for the Kobo’s a /?LegacyBrowserSupport=Kobo& to switch to the Simple view and show on Modern Browsers all nice features…

Yes, I’m afraid we’ll have to take that route unfortunately.

Isn’t it possible to detect the tablet using the user agent from the browser?

Probably, I don’t have such devices however. Best would be to even ignore the user agent and check for feature support but that would require some time that I don’t want to put into it. I will never use it on devices that don’t support those newer features.

But…but…Danee!! I do!