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Homey.ink on a tablet/desktop

Homeydash is also possible to run locally, the code on the website is available on github (like already mentioned previously) and works completely the same to get “online” locally as homey.ink.

But of course to the user if they want to start from Homey.ink or homeydash.com.

I know that. I was answering his question about why ppl post their screenshots of adjustments here and not in the online dash topic…

Is it possible to hide alarm clocks?

Hi Peter,

Really nice work you did with the pop-up categories like Lampen and TV Zenders.

I read further on in this thread that you made this possible by using different Homey users.

Could this also be done by using the standard ‘Zones’ tree which Homey uses? This makes it much easier to use for everyone.

In the above example the menu buttons would be:
[attic] [basement] [first floor] [garden] [ground floor]

And when you press you would then see the next level buttons:
[Hallway] and [Kitchen]

If people have setup their zone’s more in line with categories then it could look more like:
[Sunscreens] [Music] [Lights]

No, thats not possible with Homey.ink/dash.