Homey International


Hello ! Is there an international version of Homey coming soon? eg German?


German language iam guess you mean. Pretty sure it wil come some day, but when… thats up to athom.

But wouldnt bet in a short time.

For questions directly to athom… please contact them by mail or mention @bram in your post. The not active follow the forum


Homey is International since day one,
It contains Dutch beside the default English.
There are models for the different contingents that require different frequencies.
Athom only doesn’t communicate timelines when fe other languages appear. Just as release dates of new firmwares.

You could order one and use it in English ( or Dutch :wink: )

But I guess we can expect de and fr as next languages but we will not know before it is ready.


They should just allow their users to translate it.
Maybe using https://lokalise.co? I’d be happy to translate it to Slovenian (am doing the same for HASS).


an answer why they don’t want users to Translate was answered in a old post on the old forum. Maybe you can do a search on the old forum.


https://forum.athom.com/discussion/2531/language-support-plans Discussion there went nowhere. UI and voice parts should be separated and then it would be easier for us to translate it. I’m from Slovenia and we’re a really small nation so there is 0 chance of an official translatio, giving me the option to translate it for my gf and cost the athom guys 0€. Win win situation


I agree it could be a win-win situation, but only partly. How would Athom go about supporting you (or others running Slovanian) when they have little to no knowledge of your language? That most likely the reason they want to control what language Homey can use (speculation from me)


Well, english is a few clicks away. I really do hope they eventually go in that direction


@Bram do you have any update on this? The community really wants partecipate to the internationalization development.
I can give my support for the Italian language.


In the dutch presentation given at Robbshop Stefan talks about French and German? (not sure) support in the near future.