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Homey linked to Hubitat Evolution hub using MQTT Hub:

The MQTT Hub application on Homey supports the homie3 protocol for both publishing and discovering devices. There is now an app for Hubitats’ Elevation hub that does the same . HE is a similar product to SmartThings Hub. As these are the first devices supporting homie3 bidirectionally I tried them together to see if they could discover and control each others devices and bingo works nicely :ok_hand: Devices can be shared between the hubs in real time.

Now very few people will own both these hubs as they provide similar functionality but it was really rewarding to see it just work first time. Previously there’s been very little to actually test homie against.

Well done Harry :slight_smile:

  • Disclosure: I am the author of the Hubitat MQTT app and also before anyone asks, no… this can’t be run on the SmartThings hub despite HE and ST being mostly code compatible.