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Homey Phone App no longer sees my Homey

My Homey seems to be missing from the app (Android v2.8.1)

The app said homey offline retry. Retry failed, so I restarted homey. Same. So I reinstalled the app on my phone… Now it’s saying I don’t have any homeys. When I go to install an app onto homey from a that apps.athom website, it says “no devices available”. I can still login to developer.athom.com and see my devices/ create a diagnostics report.

But how do I get my homey connected back to the app without losing everything?

I guess you should contact Athom support about this.
Are you shure you are using the same login/account on your phone as the login you used for the developer page?

I did. They didn’t respond. That’s why I posted here.

Yes I’m sure. I was logged in all along with the same account.

We can’t help you :frowning: