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Homey Pro - Zigbee not available



Hi all,

i have a problem with my new homey pro device:

  • Zigbee service seems not to start up
  • all apps using Zigbee are marked with a red exclamation mark
  • developer Zigbee page leaves the fields blank, no devices, no routes listed

Have to reboot several times to get Zigbee running.


Today once again, after rebooting the Homey, no Zigbee network available :confused:


You better send an email to support@athom.com … Nothing much we can do here…


It looks like my problem I had in the past
If that’s the case it is a hardware error
You need to return Homey to replace or fix it


Already send a mail :slight_smile:
When i get the problem solved, i’ll post it here, if anybody has the same problem.