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Homey v2 beta iOS


I am using the beta 2.0 app on iOS.
However i see on the Testfligt app that Homey expires tomorrow… Anyone else seeing this?
What will happen When it expires?


No worries, Athom will extend the test flight duration…


I cant find the right V2 version in Testflight.
The link is use gives me the new ios version but i cant update the Homey to V2 beta.

Somebody help??
Have done al it needs like experimental on etc.


You have to enable « experimental update » in developper tools:


Have done that allready


I don’t know so


I am using the beta 2.0 app on iOS via testflight.
But the app has expired :frowning:

I know app has been released, but it requires to go to v2.0. I need some more time before that upgrade
(Still need to rework some flows for better logic and virtual devices that is not supporting v2)

I loved the beta app!

Does anyonone know if it will be extended?


Athom knows. You can ask them about it: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Thanks, I did put in a request.
Was curious if more people did.
(I will put their answer in this thread)


Just in case anyone missed it - Athom stated on Slack that it would not be renewed.