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Homey v5 - "Aqara Cube" inclusion/connection problems

Hi, i have just upgraded to Homey v 5.0.0-rc.38.
After the upgrade, i reset the zigbee network.
I could then include/connect my “aqara temp” sensor and “aqara gyro switch” without any problems.

When i wanted to add the “Aqara cube”, it seems to fail.

When i press the button short: short blink(in manual it says range test, and it should send a signal to aqara hub to say something on speaker)
When i longpress it for 15 seconds: the first 3 seconds, the blue led is lit up, and then is off for the rest of period

The manual says that if you hold the button for 5 sec, it will reset the device.

I have tried to reset the device several times, removed the battery, and restart homey, etc…

I don’t have a zigbee repeater, and also havent connected other zigbee devices than the ones mentioned here.

Any idea how i can troubleshoot the issue?

Thanks in advance.

This is something with like push the button untill the led blinks 3 times?
When u succeed (Homey will tell u it’s being added) keep pressing the button every 2 seconds for a short time.
So, press the button untill the led blinks 3 times and let go. Every 2 seconds, push the button 1 time untill ur done (Homey will tell u again) and it’s not easy!
Keep the cube near Homey while ur doing this. And 2 meters is not close, 10cm is!

I have it 20 cm away from the homey.
if you read my post, you can see that the led isn’t blinking…EVER…

When i longpress it for 15 seconds: the first 3 seconds, the blue led is lit up, and then is off for the rest of period

So, no blinking at all…

PS: This is an Aqara cube, and not the MI cube. Not sure what or if there is any difference.
I also talked with the developer of the app, and he told me that Aqara cube also should work with the app.

I did.

Keep trying untill the led blinks 3 times.

Tried for 1 minute, and the led did never blink. It was lit up the first 3 seconds, then off for the rest of the period.

Holding it longer is a reset. I don’t own one, but are you sure you are not pushing it too long? Have you tried releasing the button when it lights up after 3 secs? (and pressing it shortly every 2 secs to keep it alive).

Yup, did that like 20 times.
Doesnt do anything.
Never get it included or make it to blink.
Maybe an hardware error, i dont know.

I went and returned it for a new one.
The led light on the new one seems to act as intended, but i didnt manage to add it still.

Maybe i just have to retry and retry some times.

Tried to remove batteries and restart homey.

Problem resolved, when i just left the cube be for some hours and tried again, it worked on first try. Didn’t do anything special.

(Ps: if you upgrade to homey v5, remember to reset the zigbee network)