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Read my post again. Two apps exist. The first Osram Lightify is not V5 compatible the second Osram Lightify (Zigbee) is V5 compatible.

In my memories there were two Osram apps on that list :wink:
Anyway, problem solved.
Now I only have to find some courage to step in the v5 world.

They work fine

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I’m still on 4.2.0, but when I open the P1 smartmeter device, I get the notification that the device maybe will not be longer supported in the future.

The app is: https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.p1.dsmr/P1-DSMRv4-Board-Lezer/
Which according the developer page is on SDKv2.
Also it’s not listed in the list of non-supported apps for V5.0.0.

So any idea why I get this notification? Or nothing to do with V5.0.0?

The app developer has marked the device driver as Deprecated. Likely a new driver for the same device has been made but no migration is possible. So you’ll need to re add the device to benefit from the new driver.

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Re-adding the device ended up in a non-findable situation :cry:
So I had to restore a backup from yesterday.

Maybe I’ll have to try to contact the developer about what’s going on…

Just 20? Not 50?

No, 20.

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When utilizing enough routers it shouldn’t matter that much. And when exceeding that, then move to deConz or something else.

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is anything changed in the code to use in homeyscript for sdk 3 ? i dont think so cant find any changelogs for that

Have you looked at the test version and the examples?
What change did you expect or are you looking for?
Or what isn’t working after upgrading?