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Like already mentioned, zigbee: aqara is definitely the biggest app, with most users, that still needs to finish the rewrite to v5.
As for incompatible apps, I know there is at least 1 SDKv1 app that is popular, but abandoned, can’t remember which one anymore though :thinking:.
And there are probably more SDKv1 apps still in the appstore, but kinda hard to tell without trying to install all apps.

And still not the intention to publish it in the community AppStore?

I did actually send max a gzip with the code now :wink:
More because the certification is so slow. The test link itself works just fine and would not require it. But it turns out that getting an app up there is also manual work, so the question remains what would be faster. Still not a big difference.

I’ve made a checklist for my own situation. At this moment I’m only missing Aqara (story is known) and Gledopto (https://homey.app/nl-nl/app/com.gledopto/Gledopto-en-Tint-lampen-en-LED-Controllers-(ZigBee)/). Last update for Gledopto was 10 months ago and the developer has not responded to questions or even pull requests since then. I’m trying to reach out for him to see what can be done. I’ve got no idea how many users are involved on this app? For myself it’s only 1 led-stripdriver in a closet, so in worst case scenario I have to replace it…

In a closet, why not use something dumb with a dumb and cheap doorswitch? Anyways, I don’t have any such devices so can’t help there.

Well, a long story that is. Short version: last year we renovated our attic into a (a very smart) master bedroom with walk-in-closet. All the other lights there are smart, so I wanted these as well. For fancy things like slowly dimming up when opening the door and shutting down the lights when my wife left and forgot to close the door :wink:

I already owned a door sensor (aqara) and a dimmable led-strip, so just had to add a gledopto driver to make it work. So with little investment, great pleasure

I am using the latest firmware d.d.: 5.0.0-rc 26 and am using the Trådfri IKEA app (non gateway version). I have about 10 Trådfri light bulbs from IKEA, but regarding reliability (switching on and off) it has not improved from V4.2. I have not re-paired the bulbs after updating to 5.0.0-rc 26, should I have done that? I assume not, but is there anyone having a similar experience with the ‘sketchy’ behaviour of IKEA Trådfri and Homey (even on the Zigbee rewritten version 5). Thanks in advance!

I am als using the latest firmware and the Ikea app. Yes, I have simular experience. I have on a wall 4 light bulbs from Ikea with a distance of each 1,5 meter. I have re-paired the bulbs. In a flow they all have to switch on and off on a certain time. It is like a raffle. Sometimes they all get on and off, sometimes only 2 or 3. So also an sketchy behaviour.

Warning: the following is all conjecture on my part because Homey is basically a black box.

It is my suspicion that there’s something internal to how Homey handles flows with multiple “radio” commands (sending Zigbee/Z-Wave/RF/WiFi signals) that causes it to miss sending one or more of those commands, or in general get overwhelmed. Perhaps those commands get queued up and the handling of the queue is broken.

It’s not specifically related to Zigbee because it happens for other types of devices as well.

This issue has existed for quite a while now, and lots of people work around it by adding delays in between each action card so as not to overwhelm Homey. It’s really too bad that Athom hasn’t picked up this issue in v5.


Thanks for responding! At least I am not the only one… Anticipating on the delay issue, I added 1 sec delays sequentially (1,2,3,4,5,6) as well, but that has not solved the issue either. Even two Trådfri bulbs placed in the same lamp (double lamp) with a delay of 1 sec between them for turning on and off, has the issue (one responding the other not). Looking at the Zigbee structure in developer site, several “routers” are offline, while they are well in reach of any other Zigbee router. Also some of them make a lot of hops before getting to the end point (8 hops).

I thought so too, until I added my (zwave) devices unsecure instead of secure and have not had a single misfire on those “heavy” flows since. Without adding delays. So it wasn’t the amount of devices. Probably more the complexity of the protocol used / memory related maybe.

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I guess that unsecured pairing saves the Z-Wave controller (or perhaps Homey itself) some work so it doesn’t get overwhelmed that fast. But the issue remains, at least with Zigbee :frowning:

It would certainly explain what I experience and what I use delays as workarounds for…