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Homey vs animus heart

Hey guys, Im going to buy a smart controller but cant decide wich one. I have a google home mini an is controlling some tp-link power outlets with the app. So it would be nice to have the abilty to controll my z-wave(fibaro) either in the GH app or in the homey/animus app. Distance from Dundee to Edinburgh

the problem with the animus is that i barley cant find any information on it online due to it being a newley released platform.

Welcome to the community.
The Animus looks to beat Homey Pro on processing power and has an Ethernet connection so that is good.
Negative points are no ZigBee unless you have a Hue hub and no way to add support for devices (no users apps). If the company is fast to respond to add devices when requested then that is not a problem but that is an unknown.
The automation system seems to be a direct copy of Homey’s flows but I’m not sure what triggers, conditions and actions are available.
The API seems to be a way for external devices to communicate with the hub but that is only useful if you design your own devices.
I am biased but I think I would stick with Homey, however it is a close competitor.